Day 2

Today is my second day of not drinking Diet Mt. Dew. Not a drop since Monday.

I had water when I was getting ready this morning, which was not very tasty (I don’t drink coffee, except for rare occasions when I drink the ones that taste like milkshakes and definitely not like coffee).

I have a water bottle, some of those Crystal Light mini-mixes and tea. I had a slight headache this morning, but had a cup of hot tea (and some Thin Mints somebody left as a present!). The hot tea gives me a caffeine boost, without all the crap added in, plus I picked a green tea mix so I get added extra antioxidants.

It also helped to have my mug of hot tea there while I plug away, because that’s what I always had with my Dew, something to give you a pick-me-up as you worked.

Granted, I do miss the near-instantaneous caffeine rush of the soda. But I’m not missing scrounging for change because I don’t have a can here or the crash I’d get in the afternoon. Granted I’m just tired, but I think I won’t be as tired as I normally would be.

I’m giving myself probably three more days before I feel better overall a bit, and hopefully in a week or two, I won’t even think about it that much.

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  1. Nursedude

    I used to drink a fair amount of soda untill I worked as a camp nurse back in 2000 at the Concordia French Lanaguage camp, where I worked as a camp nurse. While at camp for a month, I drank no soda whatsoever. Between that and eating meals with campers, I did not have a fridge full of junk food to run to in the middle of the night, so I lost like 10 lbs working those four weeks. I was amazed at how much better I felt not drinking soda. That stuff really IS poison.

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