Rugby Bits & Bites … First Caffeine-Free Day

I decided last night to give up drinking soda on a daily basis. I was out of Diet Mountain Dew and was sitting there figuring out how to buy some more, but then realized I don’t actually need to buy it. I just want to buy it. And that’s a pretty crucial difference and I decided to just stop drinking it.

So I drank a bunch of water. And then I saw this on the news as well. I figured it was a sign I was on the right path.

On to the rugby …

• We thought the Pan Am 7s might not have women’s rugby … but it’s actually still being discussed, according to USA Rugby Congress Chairman Bob Latham. More here via eNewsRugby (subscription required):

“No determination has yet been made regarding the format of the competition, including whether a women’s competition will be included,” Latham told ERugbyNews. “We, of course, are advocating for a women’s competition. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also would help with the Olympic effort.”

Despite the many old boys out there that think women’s rugby should disappear, it’s good to see this from USA Rugby and even better to know that sponsors out there prefer women’s and kid’s rugby mixed in with the men’s rugby. We’re a better sell all together.

• The U-23 Eagle Women are in New Zealand now. They’re playing high-level women’s teams there, against Burnside Women’s Rugby Football Club of Christchurch (South Island) and then they’ll play the Manawatu NPC, home to several Black Ferns. An as yet unannounced team will be played in Auckland (North Island). Also worth noting, Kara Matthews from UC-Santa Barbara just recently arrived in New Zealand to play for Manawatu and will be playing against her home country when Manawatu plays the Eagles.

• From our friends on the Berkeley All Blues …

The Berkeley All Blues women are hosting a NorCal Mixed 10s Tourney for women on August 18th, 2007. All clubs from NorCal and the surrounding North West, West, and California regions are invited. There is no entry fee.

Sides will be chosen at random from a pool of all players. Matches will have 15 minute halves and sides will be reshuffled mid-day. There will be a championship round at day’s end of the top mixed sides. There will be a social after the matches. Please check our club blog for updates & venue changes (see here). Contact for more details.

This will be a fun rugby weekend and a great way to play along side and meet other West Coast women!

NorCal Mixed 10s Tourney
August 18th, 11am to 4pm.
Treasure Island, San Francisco CA

See you there!

All Blues Match Secretary

And yes, the All Blues have a new blog! Welcome to the ruckosphere! I’ll add you to the sidebar.

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