Rugby Bits & Bites … Yeah for Fridays

Adventures in Rugby and Against the Head are blogging about their experience at the Alex Williams Rugby Camp this past weekend. Sounds like it opened their eyes to a higher level of rugby.

• Put Me In Coach is discussing the definition of “high-level rugby”

• This is so wrong in so many ways … Redbook’s cover shot of already naturally-beautiful Faith Hill and how they digitally manipulated the photo: Photoshop of Horror ( and here’s a good side-by-side comparison at TMZ (one of my secret celebrity gossip vices). High five to Amy for sharing this. Seriously, the American “standard” of beauty is sickening. And unreachable.

This seagull is very smart!!

Okay, have a good weekend. We’re throwing a Rugby Disco Party tonight at our team bar, tomorrow I’m going hiking for steak and lobster, then Sunday I’ll attend my first-ever Gay Pride Festival to recruit future ruggers. Straight … not narrow.

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