SARD Readers are Awesome

From the comments to yesterday’s post here, an anonymous 46-year-old women’s rugger says Santana’s Soul Sacrifice pumps her up for games.

And what better way to enter into the weekend …

Added: Happy Friday the 13th everybody!! Good luck to all!!

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3 responses to “SARD Readers are Awesome

  1. P

    Glad u liked it:)

  2. Fred

    I have read a bunch of your blog postings and I like them. I just wanted to know who you are and what team you play for. My name is Fred DeAngelo, i play for the Boston Irish Wolfhounds. I have played for them for 2 years and before that i played for 2 years at Northeastern University. I was actually the starting scrumhalf for the D3 nationaly champions in June. Send me some info to my email if you could. thanks

  3. Blondie

    Fred –

    I sent you an e-mail back. And for anyone else curious, here’s the bio page:

    And that’s still current.

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