"Rugby took a middle aged guy who was on the fast track to depression, and it gave me my smile back."

High-five to our buddy OBG for sending me this link to a new rugby blogger – Nurse Dude – in Minnesota. Read about how rugby saved his life.

I’ll add him to our sidebar.

Added: In the comments at Nurse Dude, there was a link to a story on the Durant Family of Boston – Rugged Heritage. Three generations of ruggers and the first father-son duo to help the Boston Irish Wolfhounds win the D-III National Championship. The grandfather helped refugees across the world as a Doctor and didn’t pick up rugby until he was 47. Another great story!

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4 responses to “"Rugby took a middle aged guy who was on the fast track to depression, and it gave me my smile back."

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  2. Anonymous

    As a 46 yo lady playing D1 rugby, I say age is just in the mind. If a woman consistently stays in shape, then she can play way past middle age. Btw, swimming is the best adjunct sport to rugby to keep it going…

    Only difference with age is some psych songs differ from what the younger gals listen too. For example, the following is what’s going through my head when I play rugby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnamP4-M9ko

  3. Anonymous

    That’s Santana’s Soul Sacrifice

  4. Amy

    I thanked my teammates in the acknowledgments portion of my thesis. Having rugby, and thus them, definitely was a major part of my staying sane during some really rough months.

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