Good Tip!

RuckingInsurance has a great tip today at What to do if a Prop Falls on You about the information every player should have ready in their kit bag for emergency situations.

Especially great if a player gets hurt badly enough that they can’t tell you themselves! I’m going to start doing this on my team.

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2 responses to “Good Tip!

  1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    We have several medics/firefighters on our team and one of them keeps a file of all our allergies and current medical information. Its pretty sweet because if you forget your insurance card we can just pull the team file.

    But according to HEPPA (or whatever that medical thing is) you have to keep the files confidential. So make sure it is someone you trust if they are keeping the files.

  2. Blondie

    It’s HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which covers your privacy for health information.

    Yes, you should keep your health records confidential, which is why each person should have the choice about what information they wish to share or keep handy.

    More info on HIPAA for the curious:

    And USA Rugby has a medical information if your team wants more info:

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