Who needs the Blogosphere …

When we have our very own Ruckosphere?

New fun badges for your sites. Say it loud, say it proud. 🙂

Either click directly on the image to see it’s URL or right-click to save it to your desktop. Leave a comment if you add it to your own site.

Large Red Ruckosphere Badge

Large Blue Ruckosphere Badge

Small Red Ruckosphere Badge

Small Blue Ruckosphere Badge

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10 responses to “Who needs the Blogosphere …

  1. BigMoneyKev

    Done. I’ve added it to ruckinginsurance.blogspot.com in case you care.

    See you in the Rucks, BMK

    PS I coach the Lady Fog here in SF. Who do you play for and how do we schedule a road trip?

  2. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    Added to Your Scrumhalf Connection


  3. Total Flanker

    Hi Blondie

    Added to both:





  4. jjhansen

    I’ve added it to jjhansen9.blogspot.com

  5. rachel

    i’ve been slacking. added to brooklybubble.blogspot.com and u19womensrugby.blogspot.com

  6. Rucker

    added to http://www.upandunder.info, (french blog). Merci

  7. Anonymous

    Added to oeixodasolaias.blogspot.com

    Clube de Rugby do Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. Non-official blog!


  8. giorgia

    Hello, I’ve added the badge to my blog, which actually isn’t just about rugby, but the game is really, really growing on me (especially since I have a silly teenage-like crush on Chris Paterson, but shhh don’t tell anybody.). 🙂

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