Schedule’s Out

Does anyone else ever read somewhere that USA Rugby has released some bit of news, yet then you can’t find it anywhere on the USA Rugby website?

This vexes me. I am vexed.

Moving on … Via eRugbyNews (subscription NOT required suckas), the 2008 Championship Schedule has been released:

2008 Schedule of National Championship Events
April 17-19
College Club: Men & Women’s Division I Playoffs (Rounds of 16)
College Club: Men & Women’s Division II Playoffs (Rounds of 8)

May 2-3
College Club: Division I & II Men’s & Women’s Championships

May 17-18
Senior Club: Men’s Division I & II Playoffs (Rounds of 16)
Senior Club: Men’s Division III Playoffs (Round of 8)

May 24 – 26
High School/ U19: Boy’s & Girl’s Championship
High School Championships

May 31- June 1
Senior Club: Division I, II & III Championships

June 13-15
All Star: Men’s Collegiate Championship
All Star: Women’s Under 23 Championship
All Star: Women’s 15s Championship

August 9-10
Club: Men’s 7s Championship

August 23-24
All Star: Men & Women’s 7s Championship

October 25-26
Club: Women’s Division I Playoffs

November 6-8
Club: Women’s Division I Championship

December 5-7
All Star: Men’s 15s Championship

And I don’t really see any changes that affect the women’s game too much.

ADDED: There is a High School Championship listed. I corrected this schedule to reflect the verbage of the USA Rugby release, posted here after my original post. So does this imply a fully-sanctioned high school championship? We’ll see.

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5 responses to “Schedule’s Out

  1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    I think that the USA Rugby site needs a makeover AGAIN. The format they are using is not eye-pleasing and is certainly not user-friendly. If a parent with a child just learning about rugby stumbled onto that site…they would be instantly frustrated.

    ARGH! And I linked to you btw.

  2. Blondie

    Got it Wendy. 🙂

  3. K-Train

    Well the u19 girls look to be getting unofficial championship…sounds like news to me, if that’s actually the case…

  4. Blondie

    Amended …

    I was looking it over to see if they included any Territorial updates for the new TU season and missed the HS note.

  5. bz

    I too, have been scrambled trying to find information about the U23 tour to New Zealand. Seems like the only information available is through the Ruckosphere! Blondie, do you have – or does anyone else know where to find official information about this tour?

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