Rugby Bits & Bites: Tangled Up in Blue

Bob Dylan’s on the radio …

• The Midwest Women won the Cape Fear 7s this past weekend with a 15-7 win over MARFU. Northeast defeated South for 3rd place, while West defeated the Atlantis/U-23s to finish 5th.

Cape Fear’s become THE warm-up tourney for the Women’s All-Star 7s teams over the past few years. They are getting ready for the NASCs in Utah next month.

• Katy at Steel City Experiment wrote an article on her team, the Pittsburgh Angels, for Pittsburgh Professional Magazine. See it in PDF here at Katy’s new portfolio site (file is large).

“Despite a false reputation that says otherwise, rugby attracts driven women who tend to find as much success off the field as they do on it.”

Great article Katy! And also a nice message that Women can be successful professionals in their careers and successful athletes on the rugby field too.

• Via the comments, Kevin in San Francisco is blogging about his two passions: rugby and insurance at RuckingInsurance. Something we could probably all learn more about. Welcome to the Ruckosphere Kevin.

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