Be Careful Out There, Okay?

This post has nothing to do with rugby. It has everything to do with being a woman in a sometimes scary world.

For the past few weeks here in Madison, our news has been covering the story of a missing 23-year-old female college student, Kelly Nolan. She had been out at the bars with her friends on Saturday, June 23. She never came home.

The police believe they found her body yesterday in the woods south of our city. They aren’t saying much, but if you read between the lines of the official statements, it sounds like her body has been out there hidden in the woods since the night she disappeared. And the police – initially saying there was no foul play suspected – now are looking for her killer.

Two winters ago, another young woman, Angela Drake, also spent a night out partying at a local bar with her friends, then couldn’t be found the next day. Her body was found a few weeks later in the snowy Wisconsin woods after this guy left her there to die in the cold.

Madison is a pretty safe city in the U.S. So is our whole state, for the most part. But I’ve put myself in some pretty stupid situations before, all in the name of a night out with my friends. Or walked home alone at night because I worked late. And I always tried to be the voice of reason for my friends, let’s stick together or don’t go anywhere with some guy you just met by yourself. But sometimes poor decisions are made and the night gets away from you.

So, I just wanted to say to everybody, be careful out there. You can never be too careful.


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  1. Steve

    Blondie, you cannot be more right. Actually, I wrote a similar posting in my blog after that young woman got abducted and killed in Kansas. I’m the father of a 16 year old daughter, and I don’t mind telling you that every time I see such a story, it just chills me to the bone. It’s very easy for women to have a false sense of security. Think about it-that young woman in Kansas was the daughter of a cop, so you know that he had to teach her some street smarts. I think women have to do whatever they can to stay in control-particularly when it comes to drinking. Date rape and pregnancy are bad enough-but as hard as it is to believe, there are even worse things out there.

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