New Members of the Ruckosphere …

New rugby blogger links for ya …

• New in Philly … Is It In Me? Elise is blogging her training for rugby.

And Kentucky is also back on the net and moved from Iowa to Philly … seriously, that’s what? Five ruckosphere members (with K-Train, Put Me in Coach, Refrain from this Refrain) in Philly? And Katy’s in Pittsburgh, so six in Pennsylvania. If my team ever travels to PA, we’re having a bloggers night out. A tip of the scrumcap to K-Train for the link.

• Also, from the comments, Turls will be blogging her Adventures in Rugby with the U-23 Eagles in New Zealand. Thanks for letting us know Turls. But you might want to take some of those party photos off of your blog’s Flickr site. 🙂

• And in my search for blogs that link to Saturday’s A Rugby Day, I found two new bloggers – Crazy Kawaii and The Rugby Days. NOTE: Some aspects of Luis’ The Rugby Days blog may not be appropriate for work. But by all means, check out the half-naked rugby guy pics at home. 🙂

• Finally, to Juan from Argentina: Thanks for the e-mails, but nope, not looking to meet any Argentinian ruggers looking for a girlfriend. I’ll stick with Big T, my American flanker. 🙂

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4 responses to “New Members of the Ruckosphere …

  1. Turls

    Thanks for the advice Blondie, my flickr is family friendly as of today, and many thanks for the link.

  2. K-Train

    Actually Seriously is also based out of Philly. But then again Is It In Me? is soon to be based out of the DC metro area. Hopefully the blogging seed will travel with her

  3. BigMoneyKev

    This site is amazing. I’ve been playing for centuries but blogging for days. Please forgive me as I mimic your blog.

  4. Blondie

    My bad … how could I forget about Emily?! She was one of the first out there!

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