Women’s Memorial 7s – August 11 – Madison, WI

Time again to promote our tournament in August!

We’re having our annual Memorial Tournament on Saturday, August 11 in Madison, Wis. It will be a open 7s tournament in the women’s bracket and we hope to see you and your teams there. E-mail me today to save a spot for your team!!

We all know there is a sad amount of decent summer competitive women’s tournament brackets in the Midwest, so help us change this at our tournament. Last year, we had five teams (senior and college), including a large contingent of our Midwest 7s Women. Let’s make this year even better!

We made our guys keep the prices low for us and all women’s games are played on the main field in front of all the fans and tents. The tournament fee also includes the free pig roast party and beer/soda afterwards. Plus, everybody knows that Madison is a great party town after the tournament.

Here’s the info:
– 7s tournament, guaranteed at least 3 games
– Max 12-person rosters
– Entry fee: $150 before July 15th, $175 afterwards (that’s less than $15 each with a full roster!!)
– Free pig roast party and beer afterwards
– ALL Women’s games played on main field and tournament also features 12+ top men’s 10s teams.
– Our team, the Wisconsin Women, will be entering a full side, and can help you fill out your team if needed or help create a team.
– Use the tournament as a warm-up for our fall league seasons!
– Entry fee checks should be sent to: Nic Tyson, 2810 Cimarron Trail, Madison, WI 53719.

Any questions, please e-mail me. And please PASS THIS ON!!

Hope to see you in August!!

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