Lakefront 7s and No, I didn’t just flip you off Crazy Guy.

Played in Milwaukee’s Lakefront 7s this weekend. Over 70 teams total playing.

The women’s division had three pools of 4 teams, with an array of experience. Local college teams from Wisconsin and Minnesota, a few motley teams of area alumni, two sides for the home D-2 Milwaukee Scylla, then the Chicago Women (D-1), two sides from Chicago North Shore (D-1) and a mixed-Minnesota side of Valkyries (D-1) and Menagerie (D-2).

Our team was a mix of my team, Wisconsin Women, and Iowa friends, one from Palmer and one from the University of Northern Iowa, plus Liz from North Shore. We confused people by being the mainly Wisconsin team from Dubuque. 🙂 Go Dubuque!

Overall … good games and I knew that if we won our pool, we’d face tough games in the semi-finals. Our bracket was our team, Marquette University, Chicago Women, and Scylla II. We blanked Marquette 21-0, Chicago gave us some trouble up close and knocked in two tries, but we beat them 28-14, then we rolled over Scylla II 46-0 to win our pool.

We had a good team with aggressive play and speed. But we hadn’t really been tested too hard in our games, and half of us were playing 7s while half of us were playing 15s. We also hadn’t faced any teams that could kick well.

After pool play, we were in 3rd place with three wins and 98 points scored. North Shore I had three wins and 108 points, while the Valkyries had three wins and 107 points scored. Rounding out the semis, a motley Alumni team of UW-La Crosse and Marquette grads called the Mad Dogs finished highest of the 2-1 teams (Good job to all my friends on the Mad Dogs!).

So we faced the Valkyries in semi-finals and got “rolled” as my boyfriend kindly put it. 🙂 They had a step on us in speed, spread the field better and Christy Ringgenberg can kick the lights out. North Shore also swamped the Mad Dogs for a Valks/North Shore final, which the Valks won according to the official recap e-mail. I don’t know the score, because Big T and I were already driving home and discussing what we wanted to eat since both of us were starving post-rugby.

Our men’s team faced a tough pool of the Coralville Reefers (with my team’s fellow Dubuque breathren!), the Chicago Lions and then the Chicago Blaze. They lost their first two games, won the last and started drinking beer at 1 p.m. when our team was still waiting a few more hours to play our last pool game. Ugh.

I scrumhalfed all day, did pretty well I think, and then hooked the last few minutes of our semi-final game against the Valks. Won the ball in scrum, but later learned that the hooker should drop back to cover in 7s, so I’ll remember that for the next tournament.

Here are the official winners …

25th Annual Lakefront 7s Tournament Results
Saturday, June 30th, 2007
Veterans Park , Milwaukee , Wisconsin

Men’s Qualifier
1) Milwaukee RFC

2) Griffins

3) Chicago Lions

4) Grand Rapids

Women’s Open
1) Valkyries

2) North Shore

Men’s Open Competitive
1) Irish Pub
2) Milwaukee Westside Harlequins

Men’s Open Social
1) Fond du Lac
2) Fox Valley

Boys’ High School
1) Vernon Harlequins
2) St. Charles

Girls’ High School
1) Vernon Harlequins
2) WI U-19 Girls

Worth noting, a gorgeous day right on Milwaukee’s lakefront. And also not too hot, a cool breeze all day for perfect rugby playing.

Big T and I got home, made some spaghetti, boneless pork ribs and corn, then exhaustion set in so I convinced him we didn’t need to attend one of the three Rhythm and Boom (our city’s big fireworks festival) parties. I was simply too tired to have to mingle with people. So we cleaned up, then he said he would take me for a surprise (Ice Cream!!) and we drove to his house. On the way, I cut up past our capitol building downtown and we realized the fireworks were just about to begin. So we pulled over right by the capitol (which sits on the highest point of our city and overlooks all the lakes where the fireworks would be) and we could see the fireworks through one of the streets heading down to the lake. So he and I found a large flower pot on the corner and saw there to watch the fireworks for a while. People walked by, wondering what we were doing, so we would point out the fireworks to them. It was great, quiet, almost all to just us, and no worry of traffic afterwords. And then we stopped for ice cream on the way home, beating all of the traffic. 🙂

Yesterday, we celebrated my friend and teammate Casey’s going-away party. She’ll be moving to Georgia for six months for training for a new job and we will miss her.

Oh and I almost forgot, a crazy hairy painter guy also thought I flipped him off in a parking lot. Not kidding. A bunch of us had met Casey at a German beer haus right near my house before her party. Big T and I walked, and when it was time to go to the official party, he and I just walked to the next bar only 3 blocks away. Two of his teammates joined us on the walk. As we were leaving the parking lot of the first bar, I was chatting with one of my teammates who had just hurt her ankle so she was walking. And I also was biting one of my finger nails (a bad habit of mine).

So I join the three guys – three bigger guys, by the way – and we start walking. And this older man in painter clothes and crazy hair walks behind us, smiling weird and said something. And I asked my friend D if he knew him, he said no, so we kept walking. We’re just waiting to cross the street and the weird guy then walks straight up to me and asks me why I had my finger in the air. And the guys and I are all standing there totally confused, saying “What?” and the crazy guy is trying to tell me I had my finger in the air when I was talking to that other girl (my teammate K) and he thinks I flipped him off. And we’re all still confused and I’m saying, “Sorry, I didn’t do that” and then he’s trying to tell me I did, and then just says “Well, you’re f*cked in the head” and walks away. To all of our awe-struck confusion. Ummm … what? And my boyfriend says to me “Should I be getting in a fight right now?” and his two teammates are standing there also just as confused.

So, the four of us cross the street and I figure the guy must’ve seen me either pointing out where the bar was to my friends or chewing on my nail (watch that middle finger!) and then was on some kind of drugs or something. Weird to say the least. The guys were further floored, since this crazy man had walked up to me, right through the middle of them, seemingly unconcerned that he would be outnumbered if he had felt the need to further put me in my place for my vicious nailbiting.

Craziness. Thankfully, his craziness didn’t escalate further then needing to tell a complete stranger she was “f*cked in the head”. And I’ll try to keep my nailbiting to a minimum in public situations. 🙂

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  1. NS

    FYI the Valkyries/Northshore final score was Valks 14 NS 12.

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