Update on the new TU Season, Women’s NA4

Hat tip to K-Train for spotting this first at WomenEagles.com

New Women’s Territorial Union Season Announced
6.28.07 – USA Rugby has released the upcoming schedule for elite Territorial Union matches. Tier 1 teams will play two games away and one home, Tier 2 teams will play 2 home matches and 1 away. The 2008 National All Star Championships will still have all teams attending and will seed them according to their 2007 NASC finish. USA Rugby hopes the new structure and schedule will create more elite playing opportunities and player development. Each territorial union will handle their own player selections for these elite teams. Matches will be held on Sundays to allow team practice on Saturdays and each team will have a weekend off between each venue.

2008 Women’s Territorial Union Competitive Season
BOLD indicates HOME matches.

Midwest vs. West
Pacific vs. Mid-Atlantic
Northeast vs. South
Southern California vs. Mid-Atlantic 2 (Not sure who is home?)

MAY 11
Midwest vs. Northeast
Pacific vs. Southern California
Mid-Atlantic vs. West

MAY 25
Midwest vs. Pacific
Northeast vs. Mid-Atlantic
South vs. West

JUNE 13-15
National All-Star Championships (NASC)

And three additional updates:

USA vs Canada Series Under Development
6.28.07 – A Canada-USA series of matches is now expected to be organized in August 2007. The event hopes to involve 44-52 of the top players in the Women’s National Team program in cross border competition. Player selections are due to be announced in mid-July. Coaching will be provided by coaches involved in the National Team Program. The series is designed to give players the opportunity to work with the coaching staff and showcase their abilities in international matches. A CanAm series will also give rugby fans a chance to see international competition at home and in nearby Canadian venues.


Women Eagles to Tour England
6.28.07 – USA Rugby has arranged for a tour to England in December 2007. England has agreed to host up to 3 matches with the Women Eagles. The matches slated so far are against England A and England. A third team is in negotiations. More details available soon!


Women Eagles Seeking Managers
6.28.07 – The Women’s National Team is looking for several managers to help with the National Team. The WNT is looking to establish a group of managers who would work with General Manager Anne Barry (annebarry8@hotmail.com), and current managers Jane Tierney and Sara Shouse. Candidates should have good organizational skills and be available for travel to team events and matches. Interested individuals should contact Anne Barry for more information.

That is a busy TU season. Like I posted earlier here, I think it’s a good idea competition and team-wise, but I seriously wonder how some of these players will be able to afford all of these travels and time-commitments?

However … perhaps the powers that be will shine friendly on the women’s game. Our male USA Eagles just picked up SONY as a team sponsor.

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5 responses to “Update on the new TU Season, Women’s NA4

  1. K-Train

    Two years ago, starting with US WNT weekend, MARFU started a developmental program in order to provide a path for younger players and players from DII teams to be part of the MARFU senior side.

  2. Blondie

    Thanks K, but I actually meant I wasn’t sure which team would be the “home team” because neither was marked as bold for that game.

  3. K-Train

    The venue for that game will be somewhere in either PAC or SoCal…it will be in the same place as the MARFU vs PAC game…or at least that’s my understanding…

  4. Em

    They really should pony up some money for TU players. This is going to fail as a venture if the people they need to reach the level of play they want to showcase can’t afford all the travel.

  5. Sara

    thanks for the CanAm update, rugby canada hasn’t announced it up here yet!
    (long time reader, first time commenter)

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