So summer is barely started and fall seems very far away … but my team’s officers discussed last night that we need to be recruiting right now.

So, I thought I’d throw it out there to all of us. Rugby teams everywhere are in the same boat when it comes to recruiting. So we should help each other out.

What does your team do to recruit? What works best for you? What doesn’t work so well? Do you have any niche groups you’ve targeted that worked out really well?

I’ve got a few plans in the works that I think will help our team recruit/promote itself while also helping other women’s teams in our state.

Leave it in the comments! And have a great weekend. I’ll be playing Lakefront 7s in Milwaukee tomorrow, with our mixed Wisconsin-Iowa team under the Gentlemen of Dubuque banner. Should be fun! Here I come rugby tan!

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7 responses to “Recruiting!

  1. Flip

    I would recomment looking in your local community newspapers/online versions of the papers. Often they’ll have community updates you can include for free for practices, games, etc.

  2. So Cal Rugger

    One thing that has helped us in recent years is having the best website in our union…by far. This past season I did some research (on a separate issue) and found that a great many clubs (good ones too) had websites that looked like they were designed by a 3rd-grader and updated no more than twice a year.

    Something else that helped was having a good coach and hyper-organized practices. This year (his first) we retained a far higher percentage of new players…far fewer would show up for one or two weeks and then disappear. Those that did were almost invariably in horrible shape and intimidated by their own lack of fitness.

    Finally, I’d recommend wall-papering every gym within a 30 mile radius, as well as coffee shop and supermarket bulletin boards, with a team flyer or poster.

  3. OBG

    Get the drunk at the end of the bar excited until he or she swears that he/she’ll be there on Tuesday!

    Works every time.


  4. Anonymous

    To clarify, when I referred to many clubs having horrible websites, I was speaking nationally. Which is a shame…a website is a great passive recruiting tool, and is often the first thing about your club that people see. If it’s not current, or looks half-assed (or worse), then you are telling the general public that you are a half-assed organization.

  5. Blondie

    OBG …

    I knew that’s how it was done in O-Town!

  6. K-Train

    In the short term you can try to pimp athletes from other sports who have never played rugby before. The other people have already made some really good suggestions in that regard.

    Having a good coach, maybe more importantly, a well known coach, turns out to be a great recruiting tool also. It’s safe to say that PWRFC will have several players in the fall that would have not come without the presence of our new coach.

    In the long term, getting involved with the local college rugby scene is probably the most important thing. For a lot of college players, the whole idea of rugby after college is new. Just seeing successful adults still doing what they love will help. PWRFCs college clinic every winter is one way we do that. We keep it free too, it’s not about making money, it’s about getting in touch and staying in touch with young players. Our summer rugby program is extension of this idea.

    It can never hurt to get involved coaching college teams or u23 select sides either….

  7. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    I agree with the website comment, a well organized website with up to date information can do wonders. Especially if it highlights your community and what there is besides rugby.

    The other resource we use is I post on it daily for work, so I just include the rugby posts with it. We have been doing that for about a month now and we have 7 new players at 7s practice.

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