Rugby Tan

My summer rugby tan has started.

It’s like a “farmer’s tan” but for rugby. Did that agricultural reference just totally place me as a resident of the Midwest? Yeah. Yippee for the Midwest.

My face and neck are getting pretty tan, a nice golden. My dark blonde hair is lightening up. But if I wear anything less than a t-shirt or jersey, my shorts and tall socks, it looks like I’m still wearing them in a blazing winter white. I have tan forearms and knees, but not tan shoulders or calves. My tummy hasn’t seen the sun in 9 long months yet.

Thankfully, I’ve learned the art of the rugby tan. Which is to remove your socks and cleats in between 7s games at tournaments to wear your flip-flops and tank tops. Depending on the seriousness of the tournament, I’ve been known to wear my swimsuit underneath my uniform to take full advantage of the sunny downtime between games. One summer tourney last year, our old boys brought a kiddy pool to our camp. Brilliant!

Add in some bruises and cleat marks and I’m a summer rugby babe. Don’t be jealous.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to work on some color this weekend. My first non-rugby vacation in much too long starts Thursday!!

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3 responses to “Rugby Tan

  1. Anonymous

    don’t forget sun screen in between matches. i still have an impressive reminder of my bad sunburn from a beach rugby tournament 2 years ago!

  2. Katy

    when i look closely at my wedding pictures, i can see my rugby tan highlighted nicely against the white dress. ah, the pale skin of my arms which stops abruptly at the jersey line, revealing the ghostly white of the skin my jersey covers!

  3. Anonymous

    It’s gets even better when one’s summer job is refereeing soccer games. I get to add a great watch line to it too.


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