Like Mustangs …

Dropkick Photos added the last of the NASC galleries, including the championship games, to their site.

This is my favorite from the Senior title game. Just an awesome moment captured in time. There is so much speed and intensity. And the angle of the backline.

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2 responses to “Like Mustangs …

  1. Frankie

    Hey guys, I’m really looking forward to the Tri Nations Series. I was looking around the web for a place to watch rugby online (I’m in the US, no rugby on TV here), and I found this great site with a blog.

    The blog is –

    Streamed Rugby is –\ Check it out guys.

  2. Blondie

    I’m wondering if “Frankie” is spamming us with Mediazone coverage? Probably …

    I dislike spammers. But I’ll leave it up for any of you looking for tri-nations stuff.

    Next time, “Frankie” spam somebody else.

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