Eagle U-23s Invited for New Zealand Tour

Via Put Me in Coach, the list of U-23 players invited to the Eagle Tour of New Zealand:

Ahrendt, Kirsten
Benlian, Amber
Berg, Libby
Boone, Phoebe
Bydwell, Emilie
Daley, Kate
Drey, Kassie
Forestal, Sydney
Goodman-Levy, Dani
Griffin, Kelly
Hughes, Brea
Kohanski, Tess
Lear, Kristy
McBride, Tara
McCarthy, Schmarrah
McCormick, Kati
McCoy, Tiffany
McGee, Vanesha
Potter, Jillion
Reddick, Naima
Schlarb, Elaine
Smit, Melissa
Travers, Jess
Tseng, Jossy
Tunney, Emily
Turley, Shaina
Vargas, Krissy
Villa, Sheri
Wilson, Sarah

Ansel, Tonya
Black, Katy
Crapster-Pregont, Meg
Duggan, Jillian
Mathews, Kara
Volen, Alexis
Worman, Alison

Congrats to all!

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