Midwest Wins Seniors (Again!), MARFU U-23 Champs

Midwest defeats Pacific Coast 22-10 to win second-straight NASC Senior Women’s Title and MARFU rallied back from a 25-3 deficit to beat So Cal 27-25 in a nailbiter.

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Okay … I think USA Rugby’s web site is down. (*static* We’ve got a Web Site DOWN! I repeat, the Web Site is down!! *static*).

But E-news Rugby has some good recaps for any of you who coughed up the money for a subscription and Dropkick Photos has Most Excellent photos of the games. Free for your viewing pleasure!

Via E-News Rugby …

The Midwest Thunderbirds defeated the Pacific Coast 22-10 Sunday to win the women’s National All-Star Championship.

The result was something of a turnaround given the Grizzlies’ warmup win over the same T-Birds in May.

Fullback Sara Leary put in two tries for Midwest within the first eight minutes of the match. That lead held up as the Midwest were able to make some big defensive plays to hold on 22-10.

“These are the kinds of tough games everyone needs to play,” said Pacific Coast head coach Alex Williams. “It was a tough loss because we felt we had some opportunities and we let those opportunities slip by. We had some trouble with keeping possession and the team felt we had too many turnovers and that was frustrating for them. But the team battled for the full 80 minutes.”

Leary, of the Cleveland Women, was named Senior MVP.

In the Under-23 Championship match, Southern California stormed out early to a 25-3 lead in the first half. So Cal’s Kelly Griffin scored five of her team’s tries, but So Cal failed to convert their extra points kicks.

MARFU rallied back in the second half, contained Griffin, and racked in the tries to take back the game and made their conversions for the first-ever MARFU U-23 title. We’ll likely see a good update at Put Me In Coach after she recovers from the weekend …

Scores from Sunday as I find them in a variety of places …
Tier A
Midwest Senior Women 22, Pacific Coast Senior Women 10
Northeast Senior Women 23, MARFU Senior Women 10

Tier B
So Cal Senior Women 25, South Senior Women 20
West Seniors 57, Minnesota Selects (Fill-In Team) 5

So Cal Senior Women climb up to Tier A, MARFU Women relegated to Tier B.

Tier A
MARFU U-23s 27, So Cal U-23s 25
Midwest U-23s 31, West U-23s 3

Tier B
Pacific Coast U-23s 20, Northeast U-23s 15
USA Eagles U-19s 46, South U-23s 8

In the U-23s, Pacific Coast climbs into Tier A and West is relegated to Tier B (surprisingly after winning it all last year).

Tier A
Pacific Coast Senior Women 37, Northeast Senior Women 32
Midwest Senior Women 15, MARFU 10

Tier B
South Senior Women 39, West Senior Women 20
So Cal Senior Women 44, Minnesota Senior Women 0*

Tier A
Mid-Atlantic U-23s 26, Midwest U-23s 24
So Cal U-23s 15, West U-23s 0

Tier B
Northeast U-23s 40, USA U-19s 0
Pacific Coast U-23s 79, South U-23s 3

*The MN Invites were the 8th team in the bracket, since the Canada U-23s withdrew. An invitational team of Midwest players to fulfill the bracket.

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