NASCs Start Today

I was rather surprised to find very little mentioning that the National All-Star Championships for Senior and U-23 Women are this weekend in Minnesota.

Good thing we already knew about it, huh?

You can see the Senior Women’s bracket here and the U-23 Women’s bracket here (USA Rugby).

Here is the schedule:

USA Rugby Senior & U-23 Women’s All Star Championship
National Sports Center – Blaine, MN
June 15-17

Women’s U-23
Friday, June 15
9:30 am: Northeast v USA U19
11:30 am: Pacific Coast v South
1:30 pm: Midwest v MARFU
3:30 pm: West v So Cal

Sunday, June 17
8:30 am: Tier B Consolation
10:30 am: Tier B Championship
12:30 pm: Tier A Consolation
2:30 pm: Tier A Championship

Senior Women
Friday, June 15
10:00 am: West v South
12:00 pm: So Cal v Minnesota
2:00 pm: Northeast v Pacific Coast
4:00 pm: Midwest v MARFU

Sunday, June 17
9:00 am: Tier B Consolation
11:00 am: Tier B Championship
1:00: Tier A Consolation
3:00 Tier A Championship

I posted the Midwest Senior Team and a link to the MARFU U-23 Team here last week.

If you hear any updates or scores, please share them in the comments!!

More rosters …

Senior MARFU Roster
Kristin Aliberto ( Philadelphia )
Jo Bader ( Washington )
Stacy Baker ( Philadelphia )
Stacy Bennett (NOVA)
Beth Black (NOVA)
Kristen Campbell (NOVA)
Dana Creager (NOVA)
Rosemary Daley ( Maryland )
Chris DiGiulio ( Washington )
Liz Dilley ( Washington )
Heather Ferrell ( Raleigh )
Jess Hammond ( Washington )
Meredith Hegg ( Philadelphia )
Shelly Higgins ( Maryland )
Kaitlin Joerger (NOVA)
Jamie Jones ( Raleigh )
Mel Kanuk ( Maryland )
Dre Khoury ( Washington )
Liz King (NOVA)
Angie Marfisi ( Philadelphia )
Elise Myer ( Philadelphia )
Sunny O’Connor ( Raleigh )
Saburah Posner ( Philadelphia )
Sheara Williamson ( Philadelphia )

Senior Northeast Roster
Northeast Senior Squad
Astphan, Renee (Providence)
Audage, Kate (New York)
Brafman, Rebecca (New York)
Brethel, Katie (New York)
Broderick, Erin (Boston)
Collier, Annie (New York)
Daniels, Amy (Beantown)
Denham, Mel (Beantown)
DuBray, Carrie (New York)
Henry, Tyshawn (New York)
Hobson, Christina (Morris)
MacGowan, Rosalie (New York)
Magrini, Kim (Keystone)
Muir, Rachel (Keystone)
Parkhurst, Di (Boston)
Rodriguez, Ines (Keystone)
Rubenstein, Heidi (New York)
Shay, Laura (Beantown)
Smith, Katie (Boston)
Vivolo, Lara (New York)
Wacht, Sharyn (Beantown)
Wagner, Kittery (Beantown)
Weikman, Maura (New York)

Senior Pacific Coast Roster
Lucy Almers Norcal
Michelle Bostick Pac NW
Steph Bruce Norcal
Ruth Bryson Norcal
Jamie Burke Norcal
Lisa (Cheeks) Butts Norcal
Blair Groefsema Norcal
Candace Hamilton Norcal
Allyson (Street) Hemstreet Norcal
Heather Jennings Pac NW
Ashley Kmiecik Pac NW
Natalie Marchino Norcal
Annie Mattison Utah
San Juanita Moreno Pac NW
Jessie Perreira Norcal
Beckett Royce Pac NW
Chris Ruffolo Pac NW
Jess Shipley Norcal
Liz Terry Norcal
Tess Tretheway Norcal
Kate Turpin Norcal
Meagan Verdeyen Norcal
Mari Wallace Norcal
Rose Whitmore Norcal

Senior West Roster
KJ Abel- Ruch
Molly Albano
Breanna Alexander
Sara Edwards
Molly Rose Graves
Joy Hernandez
Allegra Howell
Devin Keller
Jen Kelley
Kim Klahn
Alena Kolarsky
Jenny Kuchar
Lynelle Kugler
Jaime Lange
Melissa McKibben
Cody Monroe
Angie Poe
Mandy Rasmussen
Erin Riley
Sarah Webel
Lindsay Wieczorek
Katie Wurst
Wendy Young

Under-23 Midwest Roster
Cori Buss Lock Illinois State University
Mary Conroy Prop Iowa State University
Halie Fry Lock University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Maria Kasparbauer Flanker/Lock University of Northern Iowa
Schmarrah McCarthy #8 Purdue University
Kati McCormick Lock/Flanker University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Lauren McMenamin Prop Illinois State University
Bailee Parfitt Hooker Winona State University
Mary Wacynzki Flanker University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Sarah Wilson Prop/Lock Ohio State University
Sylvia Braaten Flyhalf Marquette University
Amy Conrad Wing University of Northern Iowa
Katie Huber Fullback University of Kentucky
Kristy Lear Center University of Minnesota
Tiffany McCoy Scrumhalf University of Northern Iowa
Ashley Mulford Center University of Northern Iowa
Amanda Rolling Center Iowa State University
Kayla Soliday Flyhalf University of Northern Iowa
Christy Stelzer Center Illinois State University
Katie White Fullback University of Northern Iowa
Rochelle Wolter Wing University of Northern Iowa

Under-23 Northeast Roster
Ahrendt, Kirsten Dartmouth
Barba, Elaine UMass
Bernstein, Ida Syracuse
Bydwell, Emilie Brown
Cahn, Jamie PC
Crapster-Pregont, Meg Cornell
Dowty, Katie Beantown
Dunn, Michelle Dartmouth
Dupree, Emily Beantown
Goodman-Levy, Dani Vassar
Gough, Aimee Radcliffe
Hustwitt, Jen Brown
Killourhy, Christina Cornell
Kohanski, Tess Syracuse
Laman, Caitlin New York
Le, Dianna USMA
Lemon, Jamie Brown
Miele, Jessy UMass
Moscowitz, Sharon Northeastern
Okusami, Elise Vassar
Riley, Lauren USMA
Siders, Anne Radcliffe
Smith, Kelsey Vassar
Zahradka, Lindsay Dartmouth

Under-23s Southern California Roster
Barker, Alyssa SLO
Blue, Marea UCSD
Boone, Phoebe UCSB
Bui, Chau UCLA
Castillo, Ivette Santa Monica WRFC
Cheung, Daralisa UCSB
Davis, Sarah San Diego Surfers WRFC
Duggan, Jill UCSD
Fanucchi, Lauren UCSD
Globerson-Lamb, Sonia UCLA
Griffin, Kelly UCLA
Guthmann, Elise Coast WRFC
Henry, Liz UCSD
Johnson, Audrey UCSD
Lee, Mary UCLA
Mathews, Kara UCSB
Moran, Bridget UCSB
Ramos, Christina UCSB
Turley, Shaine San Diego Surfers WRFC
Volen, XL UCLA
Williams, Rebecca UCSD
Yarbrough, Heather Belmont Shore WRFC
Zigler, Monica UCSD

Via USA Rugby, a release on the U-19 Women’s National Team playing in the U-23 NASCs this weekend …

USA Women’s National Under-19 Team Announced for the USA Rugby Women’s Under-23 All-Star Championships

BOULDER, Colo. — The USA Under-19 Women’s National Team announced the squad for the Women’s Under-23 National All-Star Championships to be held in Blaine, Minn., June 15 – 17. The USA U-19 squad is currently ranked No. 6 and will compete against opponents in the tournaments B pool.

The team consists of eleven capped players and nine players new to the squad. The coaching staff had originally selected a squad of 22, but late withdrawals have left the squad a little depleted.

“We lost Meagan Buford and Justine Harris this week and obviously we will miss the experience that these two capped players would have provided,” said Head Coach Bryn Chivers. “While the squad is small in numbers, it is big on talent and five of the “rookies” were in the original selections for the tour of England and Wales.”

Laura Parker (Kansas City, Mo.) will again take on the role of Team Captain with Lisa Henneman (Kent, Wash.) assuming Field Captain responsibilities. After three years with the U-19 WNT this event will be the last for Laura Parker as a player, but she will remain in Blaine with the WNT Staff and assist in the running of the U-19 Flight Camp to be held June 17- 21.

“Laura has been wonderful as Captain for the last two years and by having her join the staff for this event we have the opportunity to provide the younger players attending with a great role model,” Chivers added.

The U-19 squad is as follows: Kyle Armstrong (Summit County, Colo.), StaceyBridges (Texas A&M), Hanna Gregor (Portland, Maine), Alex Hartley (Brown), Alicia Hartley (Brown), Lisa Henneman (Kent, Wash.), Brittany Houston (Vernon, Wis.), Kerrie Hughes (North Bay, Md.), Katie Johnson (Hopkins, Minn.), Audrey Jones (West Linn, Ore.), Adetayo Mafe (Michigan State), Kati McCormick (UW Milwaukee), Laura Parker (KC Jazz), Caretta Reese (St. Bonaventure), Maggie Reidy (Divine Savior, Wis.), Rachel Sachs (Syracuse), Seymira Salami (State College, Pa.), Megan Thompson (Western Washington), Catie Turnerdrown (Riverton, Utah), Jennifer Turnerdrown (Riverton, Utah).

There are still a few open spots for the U19 Flight Camp, which is open to female players born on or after January 1, 1988, regardless of experience level. A brochure and registration can be found at

I’ll post scores as I find them.

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2 responses to “NASCs Start Today

  1. Brooke

    I found these scores on the USA website. Looks like they’re updating them pretty promptly.

    Women’s U-23
    Friday, June 15
    9:30 am: NORTHEAST 40 v USA U19 0
    11:30 am: PACIFIC 79 v South 3
    1:30 pm: Midwest v MARFU
    3:30 pm: West v So Cal

    Senior Women
    Friday, June 15
    10:00 am: SOUTH 30 v West 20
    12:00 pm: SO CAL 44 v Minnesota 0 2:00 pm: Northeast v Pacific Coast
    4:00 pm: Midwest v MARFU

  2. Blondie

    Thanks Brooke. I just saw that scoreboard myself and put up a new scores post.

    Hopefully we’ll get some game details too.

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