Wisconsin Crabs at Pike’s Fish Market

I just snagged this from my friend Ber. A picture of us from our trip to Seattle in our crab hats at the Pike’s Market fish stand, where they throw the fish.

We had just walked up, all wearing our awesome crab hats. One of the fish guys saw me and said “Come here!” and I was afraid he would make me catch some slimy fish or something. But instead he asked for my camera, which thankfully was a little throw-away and not my monster digital SLR, and then grabbed a huge headless King Salmon, hands it to me and says “Stand over here.”

And then he proceeds to do it all the rest of my teammates. If they fought it, they got bigger, nastier fish to hold. And soon, we were attracting quite the crowd of tourists also taking our photos. Pretty funny. After we had team shots all holding our fish, we got to go behind the counter with all the younger, cuter fish guys to wash our hands as they laughed at us in our crab hats.

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