Can I kick my caffeine habit? And more importantly, do I want to?

Just a thought I’ve often had … if I could kick my soda addiction and go straight cold turkey.

It was a major deal (at least for me) when I quit drinking the regular oh-so-sugary Mountain Dew (my preferred soda vice) and switched to Diet Mt. Dew. I definitely noticed that my weight didn’t fluctuate as much between rugby in-season and rugby off-season since I wasn’t downing so much sugar daily while sitting in my office.

Thankfully, now the taste of the regular soda is too sweet and often makes me sick to my stomach, so I’ve happily switched my addiction completely to Diet Dew.

So now my addiction is just purely for the caffeine. I don’t drink coffee in the morning. I never will. I can’t handle the taste. Not to say I don’t splurge on a fancy coffee like a White Chocolate Mocha every once in a while, but those bad boys taste like milk shakes, not bitter coffee taste.

But today, as I often do for my five-year plan, I’m going over my finances and my To-Dos. And I spend money regularly on Diet Mt. Dew and I need to start making real effort to improve my fitness outside of rugby. A daily habit of at least 2-4 cans of Diet Dew can’t be helping me there. It’s worth noting that I’ve been saving all of my old cans to possibly recycle for some change (as soon as I find a place that pays for aluminum). You wouldn’t believe the amount of cans I’ve saved in two months. It’s sick. The back of my truck is full of them. I had a stash at work and one day realized two entire desk drawers were full of empty Diet Dew cans. Thank god nobody else saw that, they would likely hold an intervention.

So … I though today that perhaps I should really kick the habit once and for all. I’m not saying never drink soda again. But stop using it as my morning wake-up. My regular pick-me-up. Why can’t good ol’ water be my wake up? Why can’t my body function on it’s own without the added caffeine jolt each morning?

I only brought one can to work today and it’s already gone. I have change and could easily go purchase a bottle for $1.25. But I filled up my water bottle instead. It probably helped that I packed some rhubarb crisp I made last night in my lunch, so I have that dessert to tide over my urge.

I am thinking that if I could just drink water every time I feel the urge to drink soda, perhaps I can both kick my habit and improve my health. I am notoriously dehydrated.

I hope I don’t have some kind of manic attack and go roaring down to the vending machine later.

Can I do this? We’ll see.



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3 responses to “Can I kick my caffeine habit? And more importantly, do I want to?

  1. Emily

    I have a similar problem…with Diet Dr Pepper. (sometimes Diet Coke will do in a pinch) I’ve tried a couple of time to give it up — or at least cut down — to no avail. I love my caffiene (and I don’t care for coffee). I love the “sugar”y sweetness. Thank goodness I’m a diet drinker — I also can’t handle full-sugar soda anymore — I can’t imagine my weight otherwise. I find little to be more refreshing than a cold soda….

    I too think my body would be better off with less chemicals injested daily…but in lieu of quitting (for the immediate/foreseeable future anyway, I hear caffiene is bad for pregnant women) I try to compensate by drinking a kind of ridiculous amount of water daily as well. (The side effect of this is that I know where the bathroom is in every building that I frequent.)

  2. Anonymous

    I also drink WAY too much Diet Dew. I don’t drink coffee either. I do find I feel better when I “run out” of Dew for a few days and drink more water instead. I do get withdrawl headaches though. I would start by substituting a less caffinated soda first and then maybe juice or something. Good luck.


  3. Anonymous

    If you want reasons to quit then checkout

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