NASCs Update

A few team updates for the upcoming National All-Star Championships next weekend …

Midwest Senior Women’s Team
Tonya Ansel, Libby Berg, Sarah Chobot, Sabrina Domenosky, Farrah Douglas, Kelly Evanovich, Angie Heifort, Nicole Helmer, Katy Hertel, Kathleen Kress, Sara Leary, Jenny Menke, Sarah Mulder, Rebecca Radke, Christy Ringgenberg, Hannah Stolba, Garnet Towne, Jen (Trie) Triemstra, Chris Trucano, Tonnie Wulff, Kristen Zdanczewicz, Blaire Zummak, Kelly Clerkin (alternate), Marion Zillhardt (alternate).

This group represents eight different teams (Pittsburgh, Amazons, Wisconsin, Northshore, Cleveland, Mankato State, Valkyries, and Ann Arbor) from all over the territory. Games are on Friday and Sunday at the National Sport Center in Blaine, Minnesota. The new head coach is Martha Daines and assistant coach is Brian Wood.

The Midwest flew out to San Francisco last weekend to play the Pacific Coast team, coached by Alex Williams. In last year’s final, the Midwest defeated the Pacific Coast to win the title.

According to (subscription required), Pacific Coast won last weekend’s match 27-12.

The match itself was hard and competitive, just like both coaches Williams and Martha Daines wanted. Pacific Coast started the stronger and scored early, bolstered by some strong back row play. The Grizzlies led 22-5 at the break but started giving away penalties in the second half, leading to a series of yellow cards. Up 15-13 in players, the Thunderbirds capitalized and scored a converted try to make it 22-12. But the Pacific Coast regrouped to score late to win 27-12.

“While unhappy with the proliferation of penalties, I was very proud of our team for holding it together and ultimately fighting back to finish the game the way they had started,” said Williams. “Kudos as well to the Midwest, who pressured on both offense and defense the entire match. Both teams are fairly young and it was the kind of match that all of those players need to play on a regular basis.”

Switching coasts, you can also stay up to date on MARFU’s U-23s via Put Me In Coach’s regular updates.

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