A crazy coincidence just happened to me and it threw me into a near panic.

A representative from an online loan lending company called my work office number, left a message for me with my first name and requested that I call them back to verify some information for the loan I had recently applied for.

One problem … I haven’t applied for any loans. At all.

I call back. The original caller is not in. I am transferred to someone else who can help. I explain that I have not applied for a loan, so I don’t know why they think I have. I give my name. They say they can look it up with my social security number. I begin to say my number, then say, no way, I’m not giving you my number. Especially since I didn’t apply for this loan.

Conversation continues with many deadends. What state am I in? Wisconsin. Well they don’t handle loans for Wisconsin. I know, I didn’t apply for this loan. Well would there be another name on the loan? I don’t know, thinking why would one of my family members apply for something and not tell me (Because they would be the only people who have this kind of information). I ask, what is the other name? We can’t give you that, it’s private. I say, but you said I applied for this and you’re trying to tell me it’s in my name, but I can’t know the other name. So she asks if I would like to talk to a supervisor, yes, YES, I would.

I am simultaneously now pulling up the free credit reports to see if someone’s hacked my personal information and is applying for stuff in my name. Panic is setting in. Panic. Panic. Panic. Really don’t need this today.

Supervisor gets on. I explain what happens. She is nice and understands my concern. What state am I in? What’s my name? We can look it up without your SS#. Thank god. Did you take apply for a loan for a 2007 Lexus? No, I did not!! Panic!! This message was left on my work number, I give my work number. She looks up the loan with my work number. Oh, there is a Blondie in New Hampshire with your exact number, but one different digit in the area code. Are you kidding? Same first name? Almost exact same number? She apologizes. I ask again, if she is sure. And nothing else matches my information. The coincidence is too crazy.

I call my mom. She also panics. She tells me to call this other Blondie in New Hampshire and ask her if she is buying a Lexus, in case we are both getting scammed. I leave a strange message “Hello, Blondie. This is also Blondie. We have similar phone numbers. I think the loan company thinks I am you. Can you please call me and verify that you are trying to buy a car and tell me I’m not a victim of identity theft?”

Panic has dissapted to nervousness. No unknown hits on credit report. Will see if other Blondie calls me. Hopefully she doesn’t think I’m wacked.

Seriously … I think I just had a coronary. Thank god I pay attention to all of those identity theft avoidance tips and didn’t just offer up all of my numbers and info.

Sometimes the world is a scary place.



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2 responses to “Scariness

  1. Katy

    That is creepy! Something similar happened to me, though not scary or owing to identity theft. At one point in college I stopped receiving mail all together. It turned out there was another Katy from Mt. Lebanon (I’m from Lebanon) who had lived in my very apartment building junior year. When she had her mail forwarded, she started getting all my mail as well. Why is this? The post office said the scanners just use last names and first initials. Somewhere in the wide world, Katy from Mt. Lebanon has all my New Yorkers from 2001.

  2. KLK

    man I’m glad I’m broke with no credit/money/anything…all they can do is take my computer, bicycle, cleats and mouthguard…yup…I don’t own clothes or school supplies.

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