Rugby Bits & Bites

I know you’re all chomping at the bits for some rugby bites, since we haven’t had one in a while.

But first a hilarious story from my morning … if you will, please imagine me, sleepy-eyed, waiting for my bus this morning.

I see the bus coming and it’s behind a bicyclist. The bus is cruising up on the guy on the bike, then veers around him very fast, causing the biker to startle and nearly wipe out.

Then the bus hits the brake to stop to pick me up, which nearly causes the biker to crash into the back of the bus. This all happened so fast, I caught myself yelling “Stop!” at the bus driver because I was sure he would take out the biker.

The bus doors open, and the normally older, mild-mannered bus driver has been replaced by a guy in a flannel shirt, a mohawk and tattoos on either side of his scalp. I sit down and the ride to work is a hustling and jarring mix of accelarations and hard braking. All of the older adults on the bus looked uneasy. I had to keep giggling because Mr. Mohawk would slam on the brakes to drop people off, then say quite nicely “Have a good day!!“. You too, Mohawk dude!

On to the bits and bites …

• From our friend Liat in Israel, an e-mail update:

hi (again) from Israel
Hi Blondie 🙂

Just wanted to share some news from our local scene here – our league is now 3 teams strong, and god willing (hey, we’re in Israel, gotta respect the big guy) we’ll add 15’s to our schedule next year.

We just came back from the Group B European championships, where we finished 6 out of 12 teams that participated. We had a very young team this year – out of 10 players only 3 were returns from last year, 4 were in their first rugby season and 2 in their first full rugby playing season. They all played great, and I couldn’t be prouder.

There were excellent vibes with all the other national teams there, and it’s always exciting for me to see how such tournaments help get people to know other nations they either don’t know about, or (in our case…) are quite influenced with whatever the media shows, which doesn’t really tell you what the PEOPLE are like.
On a personal note, they picked 10 players for the tournament selection, and I was one of them! very, very exciting 🙂

Looking forward to sending big updates your way in the next season

All the best,


Good to hear Liat! Good luck with the team and congrats on your tournament selection.

• Farrah in Chicago sent me a tournament update for the Firehouse 7s:

Firehouse 7’s
Hosted by the Chicago Blaze & Plainfield Rugby
June 23rd 2007
U19 – 9:00am – 1:00pm
Qualifier, Men’s & Women’s 1:00pm – 7:00pm
* Band & Bonfire following the Finals*

Midwest Men’s Sevens Series Qualifier
Men’s & Women’s Open Division
Boys & Girls U19

Entry Fee:
Qualifier – $200 before June 1, $225 after
Men’s Open – $175 before June 1, $200 after
Women’s Open – $125 before June 1, $150 after
Boys & Girls U19 – $100 before June 1, $125 after

Chicago Blaze Rugby Club
13011 Smith Road
Lemont, IL 60439

For More Information:
Steve Krause – tournament director:
* A portion of the proceeds from this tournament will go to the Illinois Firefighter’s Memorial.*

• A new women’s team to add to the sidebar, Frederick Women’s Rugby, in Maryland. Thanks to Danielle for the link!

• Claire in Pittsburgh also gave me an updated link for the Angels, so it’s corrected now. Thanks Claire!

• Feature piece from April on Norwich University, From Iraq to rugby Trio of Norwich athletes return from active duty.

• Rugby’s growing in Hungary and India!

• Some follow-up stories to the recent College Women’s Rugby Championships … Local Athletes Help PSU Win Rugby Title, Women’s Rugby Club Attributes Nationals Win to Team Unity and Former East Standout, ISU Gear Up for National Rugby Title Match (Iowa State), and in the lesser-known D-III championship, Rosetti Part of National Championship Team.

• Feature piece from Minnesota, Rugby Widens Its Base, discusses how rugby is helping teach kids to make better life choices and stay out of trouble.

• Feature piece on new HS girls’ team from Elizabeth High School in New Jersey and their fast success on the rugby pitch.

• A nice piece on the Portland (Maine) Women’s Rugby team, A Bond Bound to keep Growing.

• And in case you haven’t been paying attention, the 2009 Sevens Rugby World Cup, including the new women’s tournament, will be held in Dubai. Bummer for the USA bid to host, but still exciting to see a women’s tournmament.

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  1. Em

    How would a person go about sending you an update from their team? Your regular email here?

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