Everybody’s Talking About Getting Naked … Again

I found this discussion over at AfterEllen, Rugby Exposed: Degrading or Hot?, and thought it was worth sharing.

I blogged on this twice before – Everybody’s Getting Naked and There’s Calendars and then there’s Calendars. The photos used in this AfterEllen discussion also look just like the stuff I have posted on before, so I’m wondering if we have an AfterEllen blogger among our readership as well.

I haven’t changed my mind, I think calendars that use nudity to promote rugby don’t help rugby and don’t empower women. I think we’re lying to ourselves if we think taking our clothes off empowers us. What do you think?

We won’t pick on the AfterEllen blogger for running with one of our discussions as her own … 🙂

Added: This is a great article on sex appeal in women’s athletics and if it’s harming us or helping us. Mentioned in the comments at the AfterEllen discussion.

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2 responses to “Everybody’s Talking About Getting Naked … Again

  1. John Birch

    Agree – it really doesn’t help the “cause”. I’m sure the calendars raise lots of money, get a modicum of publicity (though not much these days as its a bit old hat), and so on BUT it does nothing to get women’s rugby (or sport in general) taken seriously.

    Even worse I really wonder what parents of junior players would make of such activities, or even younger adults.

  2. Anonymous


    This is Kaki Flynn, the blogger for AfterEllen.com. This is the first time I have seen your blog – it came up in google after you mentioned mine.

    I wrote an article on this a couple of years ago, after covering the Churchill Cup in Canada, and noticed that a couple of the teams, including the Canadian’s, had a nude calendar.

    I am a huge fan of cross-promoting blogs, especially women’s sports, and especially rugby, so would have mentioned you if I had known you had written it –

    Keep me up to date with anything you write about, and I’ll be sure to mention you in the blog I write..

    Especially Farah Palmer 🙂


    kaki flynn

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