Ruckosphere Rookies

I’ve added some new rugby bloggers to my sidebar kids … check ’em out. Seriously … they are popping up like crazy.

Refrain from this Refrain – A rugby gal out in Philly … Holla PWRFC!

Rugger Blog – Jason is blogging on rugby, he’s a fan, not sure if he’s a player. But I’m not biased to anyone who prefers the sidelines to the lineouts.

Women’s Rugby Review – This guy, “Total Flanker” in the UK, call his new blog “THE place for all your worldwide women’s rugby news and views”. Hmmmmmmm …

Added: I was just thinking about all the rugby blogs that have started up while I’ve been blogging, about our little community here and how cool that is. Got other links or teams? Send ’em my way.

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7 responses to “Ruckosphere Rookies

  1. Jason Gatties

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, a fan…not a player.

    I really enjoy reading your blog, infact, it was one of the motivations for me to start my own blog as yours was one of the few I actually enjoyed reading.

  2. Blondie

    Thanks, nice to hear! Best of luck blogging, we can always use more ruggers and fans sharing news.

  3. Jason Gatties

    I’m a “newbie” I guess you could say. I only started watching Rugby hardcore during the last RWC and fell in love with the sport. My wife is a Springbok so she’s the one who got me hooked.

  4. John Birch

    “Over here” a few new blogs have appeared, not uninspired by a certain award-winning 14-month old service….

    Essex Girls ( completes a full “set” of East Region blogs. In practice its more of a blog for the Basildon/ Rochford club, though, as much as the county team

    Swaffham Girls ( is a blog from a new club in remotest Norfolk in a town previously famous only for “The Pedlar of Swaffham” (a 15th century folk tale).

    Worcester Girls ( on the other hand is the work of without much doubt the strongest girls club team in England. Or come to that the UK (being as they comfortably beat an Irish province recently). Or come to that… well, anyone over there fancy taking them on?

  5. KLK

    heh three cheers to the ruckosphere…I swear mine will pick up again after (@#&*$(@#*& finals are over and I can start playing sevens

  6. Total Flanker

    Hi Blondie

    I’ll try to keep “Women’s Rugby Review” as up to date as possible and all contributions from anywhere are very welcome of course.

    Just to mention I also have my own “Total Flanker” blog which is more of a personal view…


  7. Antagonym

    Thank you for the link! I’ve been sadly behind on my blog reading (and updating), but one of my teammates alerted me to your post.

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