Glendale Stadium Update

Via my pal KK in Colorado (Miss you!) … an update on the new rugby stadium in Glendale. You can also see video via the link.

Rugby stadium coming to Glendale
City will have home for world’s second most popular sport
by Colin Campbell, News2

June 1, 2007

GLENDALE (KWGN) — The city of Glendale hopes to kick up some enthusiasm surrounding Rugby.

With the backdrop of the stadium site called “Infinity Park,” Glendale celebrates the anticipation of a new $12 million rugby stadium.

And as the rugby pitch is built, the fever pitch is growing.

“It’s an opportunity to do something in the community that’s never been done before. The second most popular sport in the world has never been claimed by a city in the United States,” said Mike Dunafon, Glendale’s Mayor Pro Tem and also a rugby enthusiast.

But what is it about this rip-snorting game that uses a funny shaped oblong ball and players that require no pads? Is it the speed, the camaraderie or the violence? Players say it’s all three.

“I love contact sports. Anything that has to do with tackling or getting away from somebody, I can do,” said DeWon Reed who plays for the Glendale Raptors, which hopes to start playing later this year.

Reed plays flyhalf, which is sometimes referred to as half flyhalf.

Reed and his coach believe that in time, rugby could become as popular as football.

“Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports,” said Mark Bullock, who coaches the Raptors. “It’s played in a 110 nations and it’s a great opportunity for young people.”

The stadium is built so spectators can watch games from mobile device’s or computers.

The first game is scheduled for early September.

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