Want to play at NASCs?

This is for Midwest area players due to the short time span. NASCs is the weekend of June 16 in Blaine, MN (north side of the Twin Cities).

The National All-Star Championships senior women’s bracket will be short one team this year. The Canadian U-23s are unable to travel. So organizers are putting together an Invitational team of U-23s and Senior players from around Minnesota, the Midwest to fill out this 8th team in the bracket.

Interested players should contact the Minnesota Invitational coaches, Janice Granger and Rebecca Newberry, if you are interested in playing. You will need to get yourself to the event and you’ll likely be staying with players in the area for the weekend. This is a Friday – Sunday event, so you will also need to be there all day Friday.

Janice’s e-mail: janicegranger@yahoo.com
Rebbeca’s e-mail: newberry@smm.org

This is an excellent opportunity for any players of U-23 and senior levels to play the nation’s best women’s rugby players.

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