Sniffling through some good books

Today is slightly better. I made a trip to the grocery store last night to actually have some food in our kitchen and cold medicine. I’m still very congested and coughing, but other than this I feel fine. I could totally run a marathon … if I liked running.

I just finished a good book that a lady at work gave me, Modoc. I’ve been reading a lot lately, because my bus rides into work and home give me at least 40 minutes a day of uninterrupted reading time. I’ve always been a fast reader and now with this time on the bus, I’m downright voracious. I’m on a fiction kick as well, for any of you non-fiction types.

Anyway, I’ve read a few good books I’ve enjoyed and thought I would pass them on if you are also looking for summer reading. These are books either handed to me by someone else or randomly picked up off of my sister’s bookshelf which I’m slowing picking clean. If the first few sentences were entertaining, I read them. I put links to online descriptions if you want more info, not because I support these businesses. Go find the books at your local community stores.

The Historian – From my sister, weaves in lots of history with fiction about Dracula (aka Vlad the Impaler). Good suspense and scary at times. More info.

Water for Elephants – From my boyfriend’s mom, historial fiction about the circus trains around the Great Depression. Told from the memory of an old man. The author researched the history of the circuses and how they traveled, all of their stories. Really interesting. More info.

Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant that ever Lived – A lady at work gave this to me after I told her I was reading the book above. This is based on a true story and will make you cry. I now want a pet elephant. More info.

Hissy Fit & Savannah Breeze – Two books by the same author, on my sister’s bookcase. Romantic comedy fiction based in small southern towns, has outlandish characters and lots of antique/kitsch environments. Quick entertaining reads while you are working on a tan. More info & More info.

A Clockwork Orange – Never read it when I was younger, found it on my boyfriend’s shelf. Mixed feelings on it, and I’ve never seen the movie. Interesting use of language and the writing style is quick, which I liked. Certainly thought-provoking. More info.

Children of Men – Boyfriend and I saw the movie first, then his mom gave us the book. The book is quite different than the movie, almost entirely different plots but with the same larger premise. Both worthwhile, although I think I would’ve liked the movie plot as a book better. Makes you wonder if our future really could be cut short so easily. Main character is a man, but the author is a woman which was interesting to me. More info.


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