I am sick. Officially.

I am so stuffed up that my head feels like it’s filled with sand.

I forgot my wallet at home. I think it’s in my jeans I wore last night.

I did not pack a lunch, except for a banana. And a half-drank bottle of Diet Mt. Dew I had in my backpack from yesterday.

I don’t have any cold medicine. Only 2 disgusting cherry cough drops and 2 packagages of effervescent lemon zest alka seltzer plus for cold & sinus. That stuff tastes horrible too. Good thing my taste buds are also sick.

I have already ate my banana. And am drinking the flat dew.

I still have at least four hours and 30 minutes of work left.

WHAM is on the radio. Wake me up before you Go Go. George Michael can suck it.

I used up all of my change yesterday, when I did have my wallet, so now I’m out of change again.

crap. crap. crap. crap.

And I’m wearing heels for work. So I’m much less inclined to want to walk anywhere, when I could just sit here lamenting my current sick situation.

I really want chinese food.

And a chocolate milkshake.

I am taking the week off from rugby. Considering take more time off. Possibly the whole summer. I would like to just run. Maybe do a race to motivate myself.

That may only last until this weekend, if I go to Chicago with my boyfriend for his college alumni game. He mentioned a possible women’s game that might need players. It would be fun to jump in a college alumni game, I’m old enough that they might not even realize I’m not really an alum. “Oh, I graduated before you were here.”

Mexican food would also be good right now.

Yesterday, I read about how to make tamales. I have never eaten a tamale. It looks pretty tasty.

I just realized that in less than four months, I’ll be 30 years old. Hmmmmm.

The Rolling Stones are now on the radio, things are looking up. I’m going to scrounge for change and suffer through one of these coughdrops.

If I can stop sneezing …



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4 responses to “aarrggh

  1. OBG

    Sorry you’re under the weather, lacking access to cash and hungry. Wow, bad combo. If it’s any consolation, I now have “wake me up before you go go” in my head. Argh. But I am eating a nice rice krispy treat.

  2. Blondie

    No worries, I found a bag of microwave popcorn shortly after posting this. While I wouldn’t call it fulfilling, it was certainly filling.

    Rice krispy treat?!

  3. Deanna

    Seriously, tamales are the best. You need to find an authentic mexican restaurant (not sure one exists in Madison, but that is what rugby travel is for!). If you can find a pork one- that is a big bonus!

  4. Elizabeth

    I’ve played in that alumni game even though I did not go there…. you should jump in!

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