One Tired Crab

Hello friends … back at the computer and more importantly, back in good ol’ Wisconsin. I’m tired, I’m worn out and I just started getting a cold.

Ripping it off like a bandaid … we lost our challenge match. I don’t know the score. We lost by two tries (I believe). Simply put, we got in a two-try hole very early, rallied back hard but lost. There was a lot of scoring on both ends, hence my lack of score knowledge since it kept changing.

I did not enjoy the game. I was very frustrated in the game. But not because of the game and definitely not because we lost (that’s a different frustration) … which I know doesn’t make sense. Honestly, I barely remember the other team from the game. Only that there were these other players on the field in white.

I’ll tell you this … it was nice to play a game of similar competitive level. Our team either plays very strong teams or much less competitive teams. Rarely other teams of similar competitive strength. So it was a bruiser. We had some breakdowns that helped us lose. The Mudhens had some nice switches and a good poach. I’d like to see a rematch again sometime soon, but I doubt we’ll make it out to Seattle again in the near future.

Worth noting, hello to Janey from the Mudhens and Anna from ORSU. I met them both after the game and they read this blog. Thanks for reading and thanks for introducing yourselves. I was very tired after the game, plus a tad on the shy side in person, but it was still very nice to meet you both. 🙂

The rest of gameday was also very frustrating. It’s not worth discussing on here, suffice it to say I was not in a super social mood (very unnatural for me) and a teammate of mine – who I felt had far too much to drink – took issue with a question I asked, then took greater issue when I asked her to calm down. Naturally, being screamed at in a public place, told that I “should get over myself” and that I was not worth never her friendship was certainly fun to deal with and greatly enhanced my already-super mood. So when our coach Bill tired of the scene, along with most of our team, I was more than happy to also call it a day.

I enjoy a good social like the next person, and I won’t deny that I enjoy a few drinks while I’m out. My family hasn’t had a good history with alcohol though, so I have very little patience or understanding for people who don’t realize there are limits. I also little tolerance for people who think just because something happened when they were drinking that somehow that’s an excuse.

Added: I have been told that that it was never played off because of drinking. This is solely my opinion on situations like this.

So … other than Saturday, I had a good trip. I think overall, our team enjoyed our travel. We certainly enjoyed getting to know our teammates better, exploring downtown Seattle and for a few of us, Bainbridge Island and out west to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

It was nice to see mountains, so many pine trees, azaleas, Puget Sound, eat seafood. I told Big T the boyfriend that I’d like to return again someday to hike and camp.

Our first night in town, Thursday, a bunch of us were down on the waterfront and we all bought these hilarious crab hats. See the pic above, just substitute me instead of the weird kid. I’ll post pics later.

I think they are technically lobster hats, but we liked crabs better. Eventually, the whole team got crab hats and we wore them most everywhere we went. Which actually garnered us a lot of attention for just being goofy as we told people we were just trying to “blend in” or we were working to “save the crabs”. Other tourists kept taking our picture. Someone is returning to Kansas and telling all of their friends about the crab girls. The fish guys at Pike’s Market even dragged us out of the crowd and made us hold all of these huge fish for photos. We got to go behind the counter! The crab hats also proved useful in crowds, because if one of us got lost, a person would say “Oh, I just saw seven of your crabs friends down there”. We even invented a fun game called Crabmaster and had crab-only meetings.

So … 75% of trip was good. 25% was frustrating. 100% was crabby. I’ll post more later on it, and catch up with e-mails from the past sometime this week. But I’ve got to get some work down and I’m a pretty tired crab right now.

Added: I would normally ignore this and just stay positive, but I’m a big fan of sportsmanship and respecting others. To whomever the individual player who handles the Mudhens myspace page and posted that rediculous bulletin about the game and kicking our asses … yes, you beat us. Congratulations on defending the Pacific Coast seed. But that game was not anything near a blowout, much less an ass kicking. This bulletin paints you as disrespectful and crass. I expected something more respectful from all of the players I met out in Seattle, who I enjoyed meeting at the social. I guess I was wrong. Try a little tact next time.

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3 responses to “One Tired Crab

  1. Anonymous

    I second Blodie’s added comment about myspace – that comment was the first “result” I could find on the challenge match (so much for USA Rugby following their own guidelines about a press release the first business day after) and it did give me the impression that it was a blowout a la Belmont Shore, which disappointed me knowing how hard the WI Women prepared. Glad it wasn’t.

  2. OBG

    I’m curious as to why you wrote this, “I did not enjoy the game. I was very frustrated in the game. But not because of the game and definitely not because we lost.”

    Frustrated because of your breakdowns or your team’s? Frustrated because the way the ball bounced? The way the wind blew?

    I feel bad that you didn’t enjoy the game, regardless of the loss. That’s why you put yourself through the pain and sometimes the tedium. For the game. So, why Blondie, didn’t you have fun?

  3. Anonymous

    that’s the mudhens for you..

    –Go Breakers, Blue Bubble!

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