Just One Game Left …

A quick weekend recap for you all …

My team traveled north to Green Bay this Saturday to play our in-state friends/rivals, the Milwaukee Scylla, in our last game before Seattle. The Scylla were kind enough to help us fill in a match after we lost a game from a different team in a schedule mix-up.

Games between our two teams are always very physical, man, do we scrap, and this was no different. We won big, 89-5, but the Scylla made us work for each and every try. But our team brought some firepower and we’re getting more used to playing with each other, knowing our own game.

The Scylla are also rebuilding this year with lots of newer players, and were preparing for their own tough match against a league opponent next weekend as well. All in all, a good day of rugby. Big points to the Scylla and Green Bay Women for then turning around playing a second game against their original opponents, the Will County Morrigans.

My back is feeling it still this morning. I hooked throughout our game. Always entertaining when you know I’m hooking. I can pull a tight five together well, but my striking foot is more luck of the draw. Thankfully, I was a jumper and not handling throw-ins so I could work on my jumps in our lineouts. Some pretty ones too. I even stole ball in a lineout right in front of my mom, grandma, aunt and all of my cousins. Nice.

I did get a few good balls in the scrums, so that was good. Always good to get better at one of the positions I get thrown into.

I subbed in the second half of that second game, got to play No. 8, actually a position I rarely play, so that was fun too. But I was pretty beat. It didn’t help that everyone else playing was also beat, so I had to chase down two little backs who thought they had breakaways and didn’t see me coming. It’s never good when you need to race from across the field, then see other players slowing down as one speedy back gets the step on them. Hello?! So, thankfully, I got a hand on each one, reeled them in like fish and them of course, a big hit follows. More fun.

My neck and back are still kind of sore this morning though from all the scrumming. My props and the other team’s prop and hooker, two rugby pals, were entertained the whole game by my attempts to hook. Thankfully, I’ve got long legs that could make up for my slower strike. I had a scrum or two where my leg had that ball dragging back by us, despite the other team thinking they had it. And anytime I had a decent strike, I would be yelling “Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” because I was so excited to actually do it right. And of course my head is in the other hooker and prop’s armpits, so they could hear my giddiness and were laughing at me. I guess most hooker’s aren’t as excited normally. Whatever.

So, we have three practices left, no game this weekend, and then our challenge match in Seattle. We’re all getting pretty excited. There is discussion of going to the fish market where you catch the fish. Our inside center and I also wouldn’t mind driving for some hiking in the mountains. I would also like a good seafood meal. You just can’t get good seafood in the Midwest. Good lake fish, but not good seafood.

This weekend, since we gave everyone a rest before Seattle and didn’t schedule a game, I’m going to travel with my boyfriend for his game in Minneapolis. Since we’re always playing, we rarely get to actually see the other play. I’m excited.

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2 responses to “Just One Game Left …

  1. em

    I love it when my mom comes to watch! Glad your family supports it too.

  2. Splashy McPoopersdyke

    Dear Hoobity McBoobity,

    Thanks for telling me you were in Green Bay, ass. I would have come seen you play. Haven’t seen you or talked to you in forever. We need to get together sometime this summer!

    Splashy McPoopersdyke

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