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As you can clearly see, I have not been blogging. Since roughly half of my waking time in a given day is spent on rugby already … administrative, communications, paperwork, issues … I’m less inclined to then talk about it some more. This week was one of those weeks …

And I’ve been freaked out by this all week. Q-TIPS! Q-TIPS!!

But … I have a load of stuff to share!! Let’s start by cleaning out the inbox of good ol’ Saturday’s A Rugby Day.

• First and foremost, New Links on the sidebar: I’ve added Chico State Women (Thanks Carrie!) and the Chesapeake Women’s RFC (Thanks Spice!).

• Also, in challenge match news, ORSU defeated Scottsdale 51-5. Thanks to Anna from ORSU for the update and hope your team won the Best Team on the Pitch honors again at Maggotfest. If you remember some guys last year dressed as Alpine Men sporting lederhosen (sp?) with shotskis of Jaeger, then you likely saw our men’s team, including my boyfriend Big T.

• The New York Women are looking for their alumni:

Searching for all Cornell Med/Gotham City/New York women’s rugby team alumnae!

2007 marks three big milestones for our team – 10 years since becoming part of the New York Rugby Club, 20 years since the founding of Gotham City WRFC, and 25 years since the first match was played by Cornell Med School WRFC (which later became Gotham). So naturally, a CELEBRATION is in order…

Right now we are in the process of gathering as many alumnae names and their contact information as possible. As for dates for this shindig, it’s June 8-10, 2007.

AND, if you have any interest in helping plan the event, or even just want to give your 2 cents about potential plans etc, let Liz Cass and I know….

So what do we need for now? Just the following:
YEARS you played for New York/Gotham/Cornell Med (ie: Fall 1992 through Spring 1998)
Preferred EMAIL(s)
ETC: Were you a captain/officer when you played for us? Any special memories you want to share? Do you have any great pictures from your time with the team?
And please, if you have any names/contact info for anyone else who played at least a season with this team, especially if they are not listed on our alumnae list here, send them to me (or pass this email on to them, if you’d prefer)!

Hope to see you in June,
Jessa Giordano & Liz Cass
New York Rugby Club

• The Philly Women are having a fundraising auction this Saturday:

Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club is holding an auction as part of the 2nd Annual Friends & Family Day on May 12th, 2007 in Philadelphia, PA. Included in the lots for the auction we have many items that we thought the rugby community would be interested in having the opportunity to bid on (and saving money!) whilst supporting a fellow Club.

2 x 2 day tickets to the 2008 USA 7s tournament in San Diego.
USA rugby shirts – part of an international kit, but never used!
Numerous rugby shirts from teams around the world – including London Irish (England), Leinster (Ireland), Beziers (France), Blackheath WRFC(England) and Philadelphia Whitemarsh (USA)!!
Hotel stays in the Philadelphia area (if you are planning a trip!).

Attached is a file with a list of all the lots available to absentee bidders along with all the information on how to bid as an absentee, but we must receive your bid notification by mail by 10th May!! This information will also be available on our website

All the information and item descriptions are accurate according to the PWRFC Auction Committee with many of the items being available to view on donor websites. Please support those that have supported us!!!

If you have any questions or require photos of any of the items to enhance your decision please e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please feel free to forward this information onto anyone else on your rugby team or anyone that you think may be interested in helping us by bidding on these items.

Thanks for your support and apologies if you receive this notification more than once, PWRFC Fundraising Committee

• Several people have tried to help drum up more women’s summer tournaments, so here’s a few: Dallas Lonestar Classic 7s and they are also having a Debutante Ball after the men’s final game (aka Prom Dress Game). Wendy at Scrumhalf Connection seems to be organizing it.

(Also, just a note for everybody, but I don’t have Facebook and don’t ever plan on it. Please don’t send me invites or updates via Facebook. Or even Myspace, since lots of people don’t have that either. Just use e-mail. Or smoke signals. Or passenger pigeons.)

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  1. Anonymous

    thanks, blondie… we DID win best on the pitch at maggotfest again this year! “where’s waldo” was everywhere.

    ORSU rugby

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