Monday … ugh

It’s Monday, my brain is tired, I haven’t got much to say …

We won our game. By a lot. 107-5. 19 tries to 1. After a few tries in, we started concentrating on aspects of our game that we needed to work on, and to both team’s credit, neither team racheted things back simply because the score was lopsided. Just two teams working on rebuilding and playing to the highest level they can. They gave us some good challenges in our scrums and lineouts.

And to Ann Arbor’s credit, they are rebuilding after a five-year absence on the rugby field. And they are better at flip cup than us … well, almost. 🙂

So to Anna and all the Ann Arbor Women, hope you had a good time in Madison and got home safely.

Sunday morning was rough for me. I’ll admit to having a wee bit of hangover, as did Big T. It was all that beer from flip cup. Ann Arbor taught us Survivor flip cup, and we didn’t to too well early on, so then we were voting off half of our team, then each of us left was doubling up on our beer for a few rounds. Oy, that just started a rough and tumble night.

T and I went out for breakfast with my sister – in the same clothes from the night before (she told us we had a funk … yes, I do think that is funny) – and after some breakfast, Sunday started feeling better. Which was good, because yesterday afternoon I had to spend seven hours taking photos and schmoozing at a retirement gala for my work. Needless to say, I opted to stick with caffeine and not any beer or wine.

So … I’m all better today. But man, I wish I had my nice relaxing Sunday today. Blah.

No further injuries to speak of. Shoulder’s still out of wack a bit, but better. As is my thumb, which I messed up in Thursday’s practice. Oh well … you keep playing.

This Saturday, we drive north to Green Bay – Home of the Packers! – to play our buddies and in-state rivals, the Milwaukee Scylla. I have a lot of family up around there, so I’m hoping some of them can make the game since most have never seen me play.

Less than three weeks until Seattle. So much build up …

I’ll be back later to blog. I need to work on some photos from that gala last night.

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4 responses to “Monday … ugh

  1. Katy

    We were playing would you rather yesterday and someone had a really good one: Would you rather win every game for the rest of your life in a huge blow-out like yours OR lose every game for the rest of your life by one point in a hard-fought, well-played, intensely tough game of rugby?

    I have to go with the hard-fought loss myself. What do you think, Blondie?

  2. Blondie

    Hard fought nail biters all the way.

    Games like ours, while a win is always nice, really don’t do much in the big picture. Which is why I was thankful that even though our score was very lopsided, Ann Arbor didn’t give up and made us stay on our feet and fight for all of those tries.

    Since my team has been on the losing end of a score like this too, you need to think of each opportunity to play to improve your own game.

    Plus all the games I remember best are the nailbiters.

  3. Elizabeth

    Blondie, you would be proud. I played #13 for DePaul on Saturday, #8 for North Shore on Sunday, and then #10 for my high school boys later Sunday. it was quite a weekend! And I am repeating more or less (minus the boys game) this weekend.

  4. UofMichigan Alumni 2006

    Awww…survivor flip cup! I miss Ann Arbor, they definintely know how to flip cup…haha!! I was laughin’ out loud at work picturing most of the team playing..good times

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