Something I read somewhere …

I saw this on the West Carroll Lady Marauder’s Rugby myspace page:

We don’t play rugby for the attention.
We don’t do it for glory or a good story.
It isn’t about what other people think about you.
It’s about what you think of yourself.
What your teammates know about you.
When you play through black eyes,
Late hits and sprained ankles,
It’s not because you want people to
think you’re hardcore;
It’s because you are

It seemed fitting for a Friday … the day before SATURDAY.

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2 responses to “Something I read somewhere …

  1. K-Train

    Good luck to the Maraurders who will face my alma mater, Conestoga (go garnet and grey!), in the first round of the EPRU High School championships this weekend.

  2. Sandra

    Annddd… we won. I play for the Marauders… I must say that I believe all of the Conestoga girls have Tourettes. =)

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