Whoa … too busy to blog

Sorry … been way too busy to blogversate with friends.

Works super busy with projects and rugby is simultaneously trying to tie up all of our strings for the challenge match trip (3 weeks!) and get our team ready for our final two games before Seattle.

I’m also trying to organize all of our paperwork for our games and the challenge match now, so I don’t have to scramble later. Ugh … the curse of starting to be more successful. 🙂

By the way, a big thanks to Brook at Belmont Shore for answering my questions about the paperwork. I figured it was best to ask someone who’s recently done it all.

Interesting note … I’m organizing all of team’s travel information for our flights to/from Seattle. Our team is flying out of five different airports (best deals, some of our players live outside of Madison), hitting up 9 different airports/cities along the way and all going to Seattle, then back again. I wish I could make one of those maps with all the little arrows popping up all over.

We’re playing the Ann Arbor Women this Saturday. Looking forward to playing a new team. And the weather looks like it will cooperate nicely for us. Yeah!

In injury news, the knee felt great by Saturday’s match against Chicago North Shore. Held up fine all game and didn’t feel it once. The same can not be said for my shoulder which got crunched in my first tackle and is still sore. But no permanent damage, just resting it until Saturday. No major contact for Blondie at practice this week. Which is tough to avoid in rugby. Oh well …


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  1. Katy

    i’m curious to hear how you do vs. ann arbor. we play them in a league match this fall and i like to get my scouting on early!

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