So why “sprained” you ask?

It’s both specific and far reaching I say. So applicable in many different ways.

I’m just feeling sprained overall today.

This week has been frustrating in rugby.

Tuesday, we had low numbers at practice and were trying to figure out our field situation. But Tuesday is early enough in the week that hope is always there.

Wednesday, I decided to drive two hours north to run a practice with my college team in their last week of their spring season. We worked on tackling better and then long-ball rucking. Both things that I need to work on, my own team works on constantly. So it was good to coach that, because actually coaching it always helps me figure it out better too. And it did help, a lightbulb went off for me in my form/skill for long-ball rucking. It hadn’t been coming together much before then. I got home from coaching at 10 p.m. and ended up staying up past 1 a.m. finishing this scary book I needed to know the ending of. I’m a voracious reader.

So … then Thursday happened. And I was tired from the week already.

We finally pinned down some of our final plans for Seattle (Yeah!), full roster and all that, but then due to really soggy field conditions and some redneck who decided to drive all over our field, causing deep ruts, we found ourselves in quite the predicament for this week’s game. Adding to the mix, we play at a city park and although the city likes us a lot, they can’t get anyone there to fix it before summer.

So our other options were to re-line a different section of our field/another park and build our own goalposts or find a different already-lined, goalposted field to borrow for 80 minutes. But none of this came together. And time runs out. So instead of having a home game tomorrow, my team is honoring our game that we originally planned to host Chicago North Shore and driving to them for a friendly instead.

Numbers were also an issue this week for some reason. It was like the ultimate culminination of bad luck and murphy’s law. And there’s no reason to kill ourselves to manually fix our field if we can’t even have a full roster for a visiting team. So we’re off to Chicago. Roll with the punches.

Not at all as I had hoped. And very frustrating.

It’s further frustrating when you then have to answer the questions of your coaches and teammates who are there. My answer to yesterday was “There’s no need to preach to the choir.” After my coach immediately came up to my car as I pulled in to another rainy frusrating practice, I just stopped him midsentence and said “Coach, there will never be someone on this team right now who could possibly be more disappointed then I am this week.”

So those of us at practice slugged through the rain-soaked grass and mud, ran our drills, did our up/downs and ended with a normally good contact drill. But one of my teammates – who by the way has vastly improved her good aggressive tackling – caught me in a tackle and my leg must’ve planted funny because it did not feel good, but I caught it, yelled and kind of jumped out of it before I really went down. I think that saved my knee from further issue.

So I think I have a MCL sprain. Just a little one. As I just told my boyfriend, it’s more just a feeling of it not being “spiffy” than it is pain or any swelling. I’ll rest it today, ice it later and see how it feels tomorrow. I was seriously worried though. The fear of blowing out my knee is always there.

I hate preaching to the choir, you know.

The Midwest invite list also came out yesterday. I was not surprised, but I was not invited to the camps. I came into the camp with out any true history of formal coaching, just another one of many of us out there who have learned by just playing, and not in good shape. But I think I did pretty well considering. And players who I considered myself close to in size, speed, skills were also either not invited or asked as alternates for some of the flankers.

Specifically on the coaching, it really does make a world of difference. My entire athletic life I’ve had dozens of coaches. In HS track alone, a different coach each year. In rugby here in Madison, the past four years, three different coaches. In all sports, some of the coaches were complete jerks, but most were good people. But good people don’t always make good coaches, you know?

And for the record, my three rugby coaches in Madison were good people and knew their rugby. Our current coach brings organization and enthusiasm to a team that needed it bad.

But for Midwests, it was one of those feelings of being both disappointed – it’s never fun to not be included – but also relieved – because I know I’m not “there” yet – and it’s one less rugby thing I need to stress over this spring.

This said, it was still really great to go to the camp and see first-hand what level of play, fitness, skill it takes to be invited. And like GI Joe reminds us, “Knowing is half the battle.”

So, yeah, going to Chicago tomorrow. Already working on getting ready for our last two games before Seattle.

If you’re playing this weekend, best of luck.



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2 responses to “Sprained

  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted to add that I had the same weird MCL feeling last week (at a Thursday intense contact practice) … iced it all day Friday and took ibu, and felt good enough to play Saturday a full game + … Knees scare me too, but it sounds like we had a similar feeling (weakness – but not too much swelling) … you’ll get through it tomorrow I’m sure, good luck!

    Puffy in Philadelphia

  2. em

    I’ve had three very memorable coaches in my life, and all of them have added immeasurably to my performance in their sport (swimming, hunt seat, and rugby) and had an impact on my life as well. It is very hard (for me, personally) to be enthusiastic about subpar coaching. Having had more, I want more, both for myself and my team. I guess you could say I am coach-greedy.

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