Monday Musings

It’s almost lunch here in Blondie land … well, actually I already ate one of my peanut butter sandwiches, but since I know that I get hungry every two hours, I have a backup and all is well.

Got an apple and a banana too to get me through the afternoon. And to help me avoid the urge to hit up our vending machines downstairs. The sure fire way to feel like crap is to eat crap.

So did you have a good weekend? Did you get your taxes done?

My weekend was good, but surprising. We had our first game this weekend down in Dubuque, Iowa against a mixed-team of players from Des Moines, Palmer and the University of Iowa. We won 36-0 and I had to play hooker for 90% of the game. Yes, hooker. That was a surprise even to me a bit. And other than some completely cognitively disabled throw-ins that were thrown way “not straight”, it wasn’t half bad. My upper back was sore yesterday though, but again, not too bad.

I had a bloody nose in the game. I get them quite often in dry weather in winter/spring, but I also knocked it a bit. So I had to take a minute for that in the game, b/c it was dripping quite a lot.

But the bloody nose actually helped me score a try too. After I had stopped the bleeding, I was in some rough loose play and it started back up again, so I had sat down on my knees to fix it and the play had moved farther down the field away me. So fixed up myself, jog down and just as I’m getting back onsides, my teammate Kelly is racing up field through traffic and and I realize she’s about to get caught, so I join the running, catch her pass and run it in. I was not expecting that one at all. But hey, try!

Not even five minutes later, I’m rucking and some player on the ground slams their head up and clocks me right on the bone above my right eyebrow. Yow! I hit my knees, put my hand to my eye, pull it away and there is just blood everywhere. The referee is like “What is wrong with you now?!” This time I couldn’t just shove some kleenex up my nose though, so I had to leave the game and get cleaned up. Thankfully, it was a small gash only and once cleaned up with some butterfly strips holding it together, I was back in the game for the last 10 minutes. And no blood anywhere on my jersey. Good stuff! And no stitches. I was not going to spend a sunny afternoon at the hospital.

Better even, the gash has stayed shut, blends in with my eyebrow pretty well and I have only a very slight black mark on my eyelid. No shiners to hide at work, thankfully.

Had a nice sunny afternoon in Dubuque though. And a fun social meeting team and rugby players from Iowa.

Yesterday was relaxing, recovering from soreness and tiredness, then enjoying the sun and warm weather. Yeah for 60-degree days finally!

This weekend, my team is hosting the second open camp for the Midwest Senior Women’s Select-Sides. We’ll also be having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser Saturday night to help us raise money for our travel to Seattle for the challenge match. So if you attend the camp, come eat some spaghetti too!


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