Rugby Bits & Bites – Friday!

Some good stories to share via my inbox:

Local Women Like to Scrum – Feature story on the NOVA Women. Did you know they have three sides? And compete with both a Division I and Division II team?

Down and Dirty – Feature story on the Ann Arbor Women, who my team will be playing here in Madison on May 5.

Women’s Rugby Ends Season with a Prom – Spotlight piece on the University of Florida women’s team’s prom dress game that raises funds for a local cancer charity. If you have never played in a prom dress game, you need to! They are so very fun!

UC Santa Cruz Women’s Rugby Captures No. 1 Seed – That says it all doesn’t? And one of our fellow ruckosphere bloggers is interviewed too. Good luck to the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and all the D-II teams.

UAA Student’s Passion Pioneers Women’s Rugby Club – Via Scrumhalf Connection, A former Rutgers women’s rugby player from Alaska is trying to start teams in Anchorage.

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3 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites – Friday!

  1. Anonymous

    prom dress games cheapen womens rugby. do they have tuxedo games for men?

  2. Blondie

    Anonymous –

    Women’s teams have prom dress games as fun team only games or games against alumni. It adds a fun element to the normal game. You should lighten up. And considering I have seen guys play in rediculous outfits too, I would guess there is a tuxedo game out there somewhere. I know I have seen leisure suits.

    And next time you leave a comment, don’t be such a coward. Sign your name. Own your words!

  3. Anonymous

    As someone who plays women’s rugby, I think prom dress games are stupid too. It’s a waste of things that could be donated to girls who can’t afford prom dresses. The thought of wearing a dress for ANY reason is very uncomfortable for a lot of women’s rugby players. I have only ever seen 2 prom dress games. The first was at Point when I played on college and I thought it looked really dumb. Our team headed for the social to sing and socialize.


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