If I didn’t like my hair so much, I’d be pulling it out …

Us rugby women in Wisconsin are crazy busy. We are simultaneously trying to get our team together for our first official spring game this weekend down in Iowa, get ready for the Midwest senior selects camp we’re hosting next weekend with an accompanying spaghetti dinner fundraiser that Saturday night, still working on our travel plans for our challenge match in May, and scrambling to fill a hole for a game on May 12.

This means a lot of work, e-mails, coordinating and stressin’ for your humble blogger.

Oh yeah, and I have to still take care of the rest of my life, job, taxes need to be done.

And Mother Nature gave us a blizzard this week. Let me tell you, practicing in the snow yesterday was AWESOME!! My toes are still cold.

Our men’s team cancelled practice last night, but not us. Us ladies of the pitch were still out there, working on our long-ball rucking, our grubber kicks, our fitness, our teamness in general. There is nothing better than working on your long-ball rucking by face planting into frozen slushie mud.

All you suckas living somewhere warm … just know that there are rugby players face-planting in frozen slushie mud to perfect the art of long-ball rucking and when we play you warm-weather ladies, we will win. 🙂

And I’ve also been reading “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess, recommended by my oh-so-kissable super boyfriend, Big T. I am a very fast reader and I take the bus to work every day to avoid parking hassles, so I have at least 20 minutes every bus ride to read. It’s a rather disturbing book, but thought-provoking. The language is getting to me too. It has it’s own dictionary for all the slang used. Hmmm … I’m almost done. I may provide a book report when I’m finished.

So, tomorrow is our first spring game. Our numbers are not stellar, but we’re playing a mixed-side from Iowa, so we should be good and have a fun game nonetheless. I just hope my lungs don’t sabotage my good intentions. I should probably lay off the crack – aka Diet Dew – and hydrate some more.

In other stellar news, specifically related to Step No. 1 of my Five Year Plan, I successfully negotiated down my car insurance and will be saving a very considerable amount of money each month from this point forward. Yeah me!

I had never bothered to call and take more ownership of my car insurance before, just got the bills, paid them and moved on. But I decided they were really a bit out of hand for what I deemed someone of my age, salary, more recent auto record should be paying. Further, I didn’t want to switch companies, I just wanted to pay less. So I went on the national website of a certain lizardy company for a quote with the exact same level of coverage as my current company,they quoted me 1/3 less of what I was currently paying (Wow!). So I call my company, talked to a very nice girl named Lindsay and explained the situation. At first she couldn’t see too many areas to help, but after we started talking, she helped me knock it down just under 2/3 less of what I was paying currently. Two-thirds less! For example, I could pay less because I never drive my car to work since I take the bus. Yeah for the bus and my free bus pass from work! Take that lizard. And I still get all the same coverage. Color me impressed with myself – for taking the initiative – and with my current insurance company (American Family for the curious) for taking good care of a customer.

I am pretty pleased with myself for this. And this is just one of things I’ve been doing lately to take better care of my finances, make smarter decisions. I also helped Big T successfully negotiate for a new car last weekend.

My one and only previous car-buying experience was horrible. I went to a big dealer in Milwaukee with my mother, knew kind of what I wanted and what I could afford as a then 24-year-old. I had a total idiot for a salesperson who knew less than I did about the various cars we looked at, and then the financing people were outright rude and very schemey. I swear I even saw one guy walked away from us in a huff, after we informed them I would be going through my bank for financing, and he flipped my mother the bird. But we had already signed all of our paperwork, so we had no recourse but to just not recommend this place to others. So when Big T said he wanted my help, I had flashbacks to almost crying when I first got my car. Car guys really are jerks to women.

And since Big T had also never purchased a car on his own, I wasn’t sure how we would do. But we teamed up, he had done all of his homework on the various cars he liked, knew what we could afford and what he wanted to spend, and then I was his moral support in the negotiation process, chiming in when the salesguys tried to pull their tricks, offering up alternatives and reminding the salesguy that we could always leave. We learned quite a lot. It was almost fun.

While I still think buying a car should be so much easier for the consumer, I was pretty proud of how we did. And that we had done it together by ourselves. I also enjoyed the fact that the salesguys stopped trying to pull their usual female-oriented banter to me after the initial attempts … I was glad I was not an easy target.

So … yup, feeling good. Going up, moving forward. Now let’s just hope the snow’s melted in Dubuque.


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