The "Next Generation" of Eagles

Next Generation Players to Attend 2007 Chula Vista Elite Camp
4.9.07 – Coach Kathy Flores has invited an elite squad of 47 “next generation” players to the 5th Annual National Elite Trails Camp to be held April 11 – 15 at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

Coach Flores said, “the purpose of the camp is to identify the next generation of players. As some of the World Cup players have been given a hiatus and others are retired, this opens slots for other players to be able to participate in this camp. Future camps will bring those World Cup players and selected athletes together to start the climb towards the next World Cup.”

Congratulations to the following invitees:
Kristin Aliberto
Annie Antar
Kate Audage
Stacey Bennett
Beth Black
Amanda Bonnano
Rebecca Brafman
Claudia Braymer
Jamie Burke
Lisa Butts
Erin Carter
Sara Chobot
Liz Dilley
Farrah Douglas
Carrie DuBray
Victoria Folayan
Blair Groefsema
Candace Hamilton
Angie Heifort
Katy Hertel
Allyson Hemstreet
Christina Hobson
Heather Jennings
Mel Kanuk
Lynelle Kugler
Jamie Lange
Jackie Limbergh
Nathalie Marchino
Desiree Markovich
Tasha Manino
Schmarra McCarthy
Vanesha McGee
Sara Merritt
Elise Meyer
Jillian Potter
Chris Trucano
Shaina Turley
Meagan Veredyn
Lara Vivolo
Kitt Wagner
Mari Wallace
Shannon Wallace
Maura Weikman
Kelly White
Rose Whitmore
Sheara Williamson
Kristin Zdanczewicz

Camp Staff
Kathy Flores, Head Coach
Candi Orsini
Jane Tierney
Jan Rutkowski
Alex Williams
Krista McFarren
Jen Crawford
Lisa Bartoli
Michelle Carrone
Martha Daines
Barb Fugate
Linda Keeler

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