Summer 7s in Colorado Needs Women’s Teams

This isn’t just a problem in Colorado, but across the country. Lots of previously successful tournaments with women’s divisions are dropping those games because of lack of interest from women’s teams. I’ve definitely seen it here in Wisconsin.

I’ll put partial blame on the organizers of the tournaments, but women’s teams need to step up and help keep the game alive for all of us. How do you do that? Put a team together for all of your local/state tournaments. Especially college women’s teams. Summer off from school doesn’t mean summer is off from rugby. You’re missing one of the best seasons!

Anyway, my friend KT forwarded this to me … the Sneath 7s in Denver, July 7th, lost it’s women’s bracket from lack of teams. And interested teams in the immediate area get tired of playing each other all the time. Take a trip out to Denver this summer for some good rugby … And DON’T FORGET, Memorial 10s in Madison, Wisconsin, August 11!

40th annual Sneath Cup 7s in Denver. Saturday July 7, 2007.
We would like to have your club play in the Sneath Cup 7s. As you may know we are hosting one of the three Mens WRFU 7s Super Regional Qualifiers, Mens Social & Womens Club Brackets, Youth Division. Saturday July 7, 2007.

So far Aspen, Dallas Fort Worth Elite, Kansas City Blues, Olympic Club (San Fran), Queen City, Santa Fe, The South RFU and the Barbos 2 competitive sides have expressed interest in attending.

Last year we had Dallas Elite, Kansas City United, O Club, Sante Fe, Shreveport and ourselves as well as some local clubs in the tourney. The Qualifier bracket is a small (8 to 12 teams) but competitive event, 5 weeks before the National Club 7s.

Two years ago we had a Women’s bracket. We were not able to attract a Women’s group last year but would like to again.

Pitch size – 2 dedicated rugby fields with full dimensions and Goal posts

Howard Kent (303) 620-9913 C
Manager/Assit. Coach Denver Barbarians RFC 7s

For travel contact Travel Corp, Jim Bob Glabman 303 595-0007 or 800

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2 responses to “Summer 7s in Colorado Needs Women’s Teams

  1. Filip Keuppens

    I agree that there is not enough focus on the Women’s game (particularly in the South). In an effort to grow the focus, we added a women’s division to the “Lone Star Classic” Seven’s tournament in Dallas last year. Though we only had a handful of teams, our primary goal for the tournament is to grow this division over the next couple of years. This year’s tournament will be held in Dallas on June 2 so please save the date (sorry for the shameless ad).
    So, if anyone reading this has any suggestions on what tournaments should and could be doing to increase attendance by women’s clubs, please email Fil at

  2. Michelle

    I am currently searching for 7’s tournaments across the US and having a hard time. Why is information so hard to find? I know it’s early still, but it would be nice if dates could be posted somewhere. Please e-mail with any tournament info.

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