"We spanked their ass."

I found this article today from The Eastern Progess Online, a student newspaper at Eastern Kentucky University. The quotes slay me … I laughed out loud.

Club Sports: Rugby romps at Nash Bash
Havanna Hagans
Issue date: 3/29/07 Section: Sports
Eastern’s rugby teams traveled to Nashville, Tenn. for the Nash Bash Tournament over the weekend and returned with some victories and lessons learned.

The Colonels arrived at the tournament on Friday and played their first match Saturday.

The women’s team whipped Indiana Bayside in the first game 57-0.

“We spanked their ass. It was such an ego boost,” Felicia Quinn said.

Heading into the game against Michigan, Quinn said the Wolverines acted as if a victory over Eastern would be automatic and that is what made it even better when the Colonels prevailed.

“That was a truly amazing game because the rucks were amazing, the communication was like out of control,” Quinn said. “We were being tricksters that game.”

Sunday’s 9 a.m. game against the University of Miami Ohio was the lost link in the weekend.

The Redhawks, according to Quinn, were high tackling, elbowing and taking cheap shots at the Colonels.

The loss to Miami didn’t completely wipe the Colonels out for the weekend. Some of the players played for other teams just to gain experience and test out the different styles of other teams.

Quinn said one of the players from Indiana told her on the sideline, “Everyone is sayin’ how bangin’ you guys are. Everyone has been sayin’ you are a force to be reckoned with.”

“The Nash Bash was a great experience because for people who haven’t had a chance to see other people play, the age range and variety of styles in the teams across the United States was an eye opener,” Quinn said.

The team is currently trying to raise money to travel to another tournament in Ohio at the end of April.

The next scheduled home match is not until the Colonels host Marshall in April.

I too am a bangin’ trickster!

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