Rugby Bits & Bites … Like Totally Out of Control

• The U-19 Eagle Women are on their UK tour. I hope you’ve been following all the young Eagle action here at the U-19 Women’s Rugby Blog.

They lost a tough match to England (but scared the Brits) and will play Wales today and Canada on Sunday. Via eRugbyNews (subscription needed, see related item below):

“I don’t think anyone expected us to be leading after 22 minutes,” head coach Bryn Chivers told ERugbyNews. “It was certainly an improvement for us, and what was interesting was the areas where we did well. Our scrum probably came out on top. The referee allowed a little leeway on the wheeling and the drive, and that allowed both teams to really go after each other. There was a fair amount of give and take, and it was really interesting to see.”

• According to, the USA Women’s 7s Eagles won all three of their matches today at the Hong Kong 7s. They’ll play Australia tomorrow. More details coming on the Eagles site …

• Dan at Wisconsin U-19 Girls Rugby discusses high school girls rugby becoming a varsity sport and what that could mean for club teams. Do we follow the traditional high school model or follow soccer’s model of HS teams and club teams? Does this help us achieve NCAA varsity status faster?

• Have you tried to visit Goff lately? If so, you’ve seen that he’s officially moved into the new eRugbyNews format. I checked and my subscription still works (I had hoped maybe a new format meant free news … but alas, no). Oh well … he’s still the top US rugby news guy out there and does a decent job finding interesting angles for his stories. And he doesn’t refer to the women’s national teams as the “Lady Eagles” either …

• Something to share with your teams … a video demonstrating the new scrum engagement cadence:

• I’m listening to Pete Yorn right now, via a recommendation from The Bubble, in our ruckosphere. R – I’m listening to it on repeat too. I liked his record from a while back.

• Put Me In Coach is back blogging! Two good posts on improving lineouts and pre-game warmups.

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  1. rachel

    I am glad to find another Pete lover! Splendid Isolation is my current Pete favorite 🙂 mostly because he says he wants to be like Georgia O’Keefe

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