Nash Bash

Holy Crap! There’s a lot of rugby happenin’ in Nashville this weekend huh?

And it’s supposed to be 85 degrees and sunny all weekend. This info courtesy of my boyfriend, Big T, passed on to me as he packed up shorts and all of his gear last night for a road trip to Nashville this afternoon. Seven guys packed in a van for eight hours. Have fun with that sweetie!

Just a massive amount of women’s club and collegiate sides. Seven fields too. You can see a schedule here. Oy! I’m just ever so slightly fighting the urge to grab my gear, hop in a car and go down and jump in on some games. But I’ve gotta save my money. Next year though.

For more info on Nash Bash, check out the Nashville Women’s Rugby site and the Nashville Men’s site too.

And if anyone sees our Wisconsin Men, give them a cheer for me! Oh, and the University of Wisconsin Women and the Oconomowoc Men as well. 🙂

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4 responses to “Nash Bash

  1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    the valks will be there too! half our team is already drinking water in nashville and the rest are leaving tonight!

    im hoping to blog about the tournament as it happens…we will see.

  2. rachel

    unrelated but check out

    the USA U19s are in the UK playing and we are posting news and video there!!

  3. Anonymous

    NashBash was terrific, although hot…perhaps the best run tournamant I’ve been to — fresh Port-a-Johns for Sunday!! 🙂

  4. Just call me coach....

    The pools for women’s club were

    1. Nova, Memphis, Detroit, Arkansas
    2. Raleigh, Austin, Glendale Old Girls, Scioto Valley
    3. Chicago North Shore, Maryland, Cinnicati, Nashville
    4. Atlanta, Philadelphia, St Louis, Indianapolis

    Pool winners were Nova, Raleigh, North Shore and Philly.

    Nova def. Raleigh in the semi finals 25-5? and
    Northshore def Philly 19-15 (it was very exciting – Philly and Northshore both scored in the final 2 minutes of the match).

    This set up the Nova Northshore final.

    It was a great game, the two teams played completely different styles of rugby. Chicago played a hard vertical game with lots of ball movement through contact, but Nova’s outstanding lateral ball movement and outside speed did the trick at the end of the day. I think the score was 12-5, Nova, but I’m not definitly sure.

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