Rugby Rituals

A recent survey by the brewers of Guiness found that 62% of rugby players said performing rituals was critical to their performance on the field.

So what are your rituals on rugby days? What do you do to play your best?

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5 responses to “Rugby Rituals

  1. Anonymous

    hey blondie!

    we have a teamate that likes to kit up the night before games and sleep in her kit to help her get focused, so i guess thats sort of a ritual?

  2. Blondie

    That’s a new one to me! Just tell me she doesn’t wear the cleats and mouth guard too?

  3. mutantin

    besides huddling up on the field, we don’t really have rituals.
    i mean, everybody has some thoughts about the next day. i cannot get to sleep properly before a match and i think of how we would be performing and stuff. and i think, i dream of moving all through the night. and like a dog thats dreaming of catching something, i’m pretty exhausted thge next day. i settle down on the train and i always read the guardian on the train.
    the other girls read stuff for their exams or some book or the local newspaper, but i have to read the guardian. which cost me around 4eu. but my fags also cost 4eu, so what?

  4. Ferdy

    Great blog. I’ve hooked you up to my fave links. I’m new to this blogging malarkey but am really interested to read about women’s rugby experiences from around the world. Your page is really good.

  5. Brittany

    Our girls team listen to “move bitch” before every game, we also due the “booty” we all get in a circle back to back and do the booty dance, then we immediatly turn around and scream for abotu 10 seconds straight. Right before kick off we always yell, “who’s ball is it” “My ball”, and then scream while running at the other team, not only does it get us pumped up and intimidates the crap out of the other team. :o)

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