Your lack of effort is not my problem. And not my priority.

Can someone please explain to me why it’s the rule and not the exception that alleged rugby leadership – not on my team thankfully – think it’s perfectly acceptable to just create plans without bothering to actually do the planning?

To assume that if you say something will be happening, it’s just going to happen on it’s own?

And then if it doesn’t happen or if it ends up turning out badly, then it must be someone else’s fault?

To plan events that require coordination, money and multiple persons attending at the last minute?

To assume that because something is a priority to you, that it will be a priority to others?

This is not acceptable. This is not respectable. This is laziness.

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2 responses to “Your lack of effort is not my problem. And not my priority.

  1. KLK

    Hoo boy…I can agree with that. I’m not even an officer but we were severely understaffed in the leadership department in pre-season. Let’s just say it was pretty ugly, our tournament was more of a zoo and we couldn’t even figure out where we were staying for Scrum by the Sea (plus we confirmed so late that we had to play in the social division)

  2. Anonymous

    So, the art of conversation and the art of execution are not the same?

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