Under-18s on a senior team?

Our local high school girl’s team is folding this spring – a long story I’ll post on some other day when I have more time – but a few of their seniors still would like to play and we have invited them to join us.

The HS coaches and I both think they’ll just need their parent’s permission to play for us if they are under 18 … is this correct? Does anyone know?

I know this was the case in college because I CIPPed for my college team when I was 17 still (I’m a youngster).

If somebody knows the ins & outs, please let me know in the comments. We don’t want the players to completely lose out on the fun of rugby if we can help it.

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6 responses to “Under-18s on a senior team?

  1. Elizabeth

    We’ve had a high school girl play for us before… I think you should have a consent and waiver form the same way we do for high schoolers that I coach. Also, any high schooler can play for any team if their school does not have one… they could join another program in their own age group too.

  2. Jenna

    We also have anyone U18 sign a waiver and consent form for both participation and health care (in case of an emergency we have the right to get her treatment) Additionally we keep constant communication with their parents regarding away trips, socials etc…

  3. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    We also do a waiver and consent form, and we concluded as a team that U18 players can ONLY travel with the team if they have a guardian present. They would also have their own hotel room and would not be allowed to attend ANY parties.

    We have a 14 year on our team! It’s pretty cool to see the enthusiausm and excitement that she brings to practice.

  4. Anonymous

    According to USA Rugby Eligibility regulations players must be at least 18 years of age to compete on senior sides unless granted a waiver by the eligibility committee. We also have recently produced a medical & safety guide that offers an appendix featuring a general liability waiver, medical history form, emergency action plan, etc. found at http://www.usarugby.org/youth which are all great for securing a safe environment for all players. Additional tools can also be found on this site. We are more than happy to offer our services to help any high school program. I can be reached at kwurst@usarugby.org or 303-539-0300 X 104.

    -Katie Wurst
    USA Rugby Game Development

  5. Blondie

    Thanks KT! Good to know, because obviously a lot of teams didn’t know this. 🙂

  6. Dan

    I’d heard that the your local U19 team was folding. I’d be curious to find out more about what obstacles/challenges led to the team folding and what people think could be done differently.

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