Tale of 2 watches …

I’m not much of a watch wearer. I go in spurts and then I inevitably lose them just after I learned to love them on my wrist.

I can remember every single watch I have ever owned because there have only been 5. And every one, except my hula girl swatch watch from my 14th birthday, is lost in time. Including the very cute Nike watch I somehow lost while cleaning a fish tank at my mother’s … she’ll find it in 20 years I’m sure.

In January, I bought myself a simple pink and black Timex Ironman watch at Target. I wanted one that was small and cute, but that could take some abuse. I also wanted one I could wear while working out and would help me keep better track of time because I tend to run late.

Two or three weekends ago, I took my watch off at one of our rugby indoor workouts so I wouldn’t snap my wrist in some of the light contact drills we were doing. After we finished, my boyfriend asked me what time it was, I pulled the watch out of my backpack to check the time and then it disappeared. Seriously, I looked everywhere I could feasibly put my watch and it was gone. My life is a bit of a mess lately since I moved and have yet to make time to get organized, so the watch could be hiding in my bedroom waiting to be discovered again but I can’t find it anywhere.

So yesterday, we were looking at new cars for the boyfriend right near where we had this indoor practice at a sports bar/gym. So we stopped there to ask about my watch and the bartender checks a pitcher of stuff for “Lost & Found” and there is a pink and black timex ironman watch just like this …

And I was delighted, “Oh, that’s my watch!” and really thought it was. But after we left, I went to look at it and it’s much more scratched up than I think mine was, the time/date was all messed up and it’s more pink than I remember. But I can’t be sure.

As the boyfriend Big T said, “How many women’s pink and black timex ironman watches could’ve been lost in the bar?” But the more I looked at it, the more I’m sure it’s not mine. And so I think I have someone else’s watch. I told the boyfriend last night as he laughed at me about my watch paranoia that it was like someone took my cat and brought me back an equally furry white big-boned cat who had a different shade of green eyes. Everything looks right but something’s off.

So I checked online today … and I think this is my original watch …

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the “new” watch on the left and what I think is my “old” watch on the right …

See, they are different. And I remember thinking about how much pink I wanted on my watch at Target, but can’t be sure which one I purchased. And the “new” one is all scratched up like it was worn longer than two months. But I’m wearing it … because maybe I did buy the one with more pink and while it was lost, it was kicked around on the bar & gym floor or something. But seriously, it’s bugging me a tad. I’ll always think it could be the “not my watch” watch.

Unless I find my old new one in my bedroom, in which case I will now have two watches. Hmmm … seriously, I’m buggin’ a bit.



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2 responses to “Tale of 2 watches …

  1. Emily

    This is going to sound REALLY silly, but I think your watch is the one on the left. Why, you ask?

    I have that watch. I spent about 30 min at Target one day deciding between the pink and black and gray and black combos…I definately didn’t see the other one at Target, and I doubt their stock varies tons between Wisc and Delaware.


  2. Blondie

    Emily … I may need to go back to our Target to verify, but I’m almost positive there were four choices … two pinks, a gray and maybe a blue or something.

    Hmmm … perplexing.

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